Love Island 2021 viewing figures, the best yet

Love island has continued to prove its popularity with the 2021 series averaging 3.3 million TV viewers with a 16% share. Across all devices it averaged 4.2 million viewers making it the biggest series on a digital channel since Love Island in 2019 and was up on the 2020 series by 300,000 viewers.  ITV Hub’s audience alone was 2.1 million.

The viewing figures for the 16-34 age group are impressive with 1.7 million viewers and a share of 51.8%.  It was the second most watched series across all channels second in place to Line of Duty. Love Island won the 9pm slot amongst 16-34s 45 times (excluding Saturday episodes) across its run, only beaten by some Euro matches. Viewing figures in this age group were up 100,000 and 9.8 share points compared to 2020.

These viewer statistics indicate that the popularity of Love island goes from strength to strength and how well this genre of programmes resonates with younger viewer age groups.

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Reaching a young audience: Love Island

With Love Island’s fifth series well under way, is it targeting a younger audience and how could your brand benefit from it’s reach?

First Episode

The first episode, launching on 3rd June, had an overnight audience of 3.3m viewers and 18.5% share of individuals. Across all devices, the show had a peak audience of 4.2mMaking it the biggest launch for the show yet.

The first episode also made waves on social media. Within the first 24 hours alone, there were 325,000 tweets about Love Island series 5 episode 1. The launch of the series also received 98.5 million impressions.

Consolidated Rankings

In the consolidated rankings, episode 1 achieved an incredible 4.6m TV viewers, making it both Love Island UK’s and ITV2’s biggest audience ever.

A further 1.3m viewers watched on non-TV devices, taking the total average audience of the launch episode to an impressive 5.9m viewers.

This makes Love Island the biggest programme of the year so far across all channels for both 16-34s and 16-24s.

Most watched programme on all channels

Love Island UK was the most watched programme on any channel for the first time ever on Sunday 16th June (episode 14) with an incredible consolidated rating of 5.6m viewers (TV+online) beating all other shows including Gentleman Jack (BBC One), Top Gear (BBC Two) and Soccer Aid (ITV).

The Morning After Podcast

Love Island hasn’t just been performing well on screens, viewers are also tuning into the podcast. Love Island: The Morning After Podcast has had over 1.6 million downloads to date and is at number 1 in the UK podcast charts!

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