Spotify explores new advertising opportunities

The average customer spends 25 hours a month streaming music on Spotify. Spanning 65 markets, Spotify’s audience has, to date, created two billion playlists from a library of more than 35 million songs.

Europe is the company’s largest market with 58 million monthly active users, accounting for 37% of its total audience. Spotify claimed a 42% share of the global streaming market in 2016, boasting a 95% share in Sweden, 59% in the UK and 41% in the US.

Creating 3D sound

Exploring the possibilities of extending its ad revenue, Spotify is working on different formats including podcast collaborations with publishers like Buzzfeed, sponsored playlists and skippable audio ads.

In March, Spotify released its first 3D audiovisual advert in partnership with Lionsgate UK for the release of the horror film, Ghost Stories. Audio from the trailer was repurposed to give a 3D audio effect, creating an immersive experience. The ad received click-through rates up 50% from benchmark level.

They also rolled out a self-service Ad Studio to the UK, this allows brands to create their own Spotify adverts. The advertiser can pick its audience based on age, gender, location, activity and musical taste, they can then select mobile, desktop or both, budget and dates.

This week, Google announced that DoubleClick Bid Manager, its demand-side platform, will now feature programmatic audio ads that can be placed on Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Pandora, and Google Play Music.


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Increase your audience with OOH Technology

As out of home technologies go digital, advertising can now be extremely dynamic, creative interactive and engaging

Increasingly internet users are accessing the web through mobiles. Outdoor digital advertising allows advertisers to integrate mobile with large displays. New technologies are bringing a whole new way to target and engage with your audience. Gaze recognition, gender recognition, and even emotion recognition are enabling advertisers to target messages precisely at their passing audience. As campaigns such as “Look at Me” for Women’s Aid prove. The ad used gaze- tracking technology to monitor how many people were looking at the display at any one time – changing the creative as more people paid attention to it.



There are opportunities to engage with mobile users through the use of apps created especially for a particular campaign; for example NHS Blood and Transplant’s “virtual blood donation” campaign, required passers-by to make a “blood donation” using an augmented reality app, while on a connected out-of-home display, a sick patient is shown gradually returning to health as the virtual donation takes effect.



Advertisers have increasingly been able to break down audiences into precise segments, across all media enabling them to target their messages in ever-more specific ways. Using the latest technology innovations, advertisers can target individuals in real time using digital out-of-home solutions – making media work harder than ever before.

For example, Renault used vehicle recognition to target motorists. With only seconds to catch their attention, they delivered a targeted message based on audience demographics and vehicle spec. Cameras identified the make, model and colour of vehicles from their number plates, and served messages to specific drivers as they waited at traffic lights. This way the message is speaking directly in real time to the audience and highly likely to get more attention.


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 16.07.48


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Only 9% of digital ads are viewed for more than a second!

Research has shown that the vast majority of digital advertising is not being viewed, with many  advertisers not applying the effectiveness techniques used in press.

Since January 2016, research firm Lumen has used laptop-mounted eye-tracking cameras on 300 consumers’ laptops to collect visual data on what they notice when they are online. They recorded 30,000 minutes of data, with evidence relating to around 15,000 digital ads.

It found that only 35% of digital display ads received any views at all. And, of those, only 9% of ads received more than a second’s worth of attention.

As a channel, it says print still provides much more provable effectiveness than digital advertising.

It  further showed…

  • Full page press ad had dwell time of 2.8 seconds being read by 88% of readers.
  • Billboard on a website dwell time 1.5 seconds read by 38% users.
  • 40% of press ads had dwell time of 1 second
  • 9% of online ads had dwell time of 1 second.
  • 25% of print adverts are viewed for 2 seconds +
  • 4% of digital ads are viewed for 2 seconds +


This all suggests that that £7.2 bn worth of digital adverts will not be seen in the UK .

The implication is to create simple online adverts taking the elements of press adverts with smaller formats. Digital adverts tend to be viewed for about a 10th of the time that they are viewable…therefore an advert more than 10 secs long can be wasted.

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Facebook Revenue Continues to Increase

Facebook’s advertising revenue has increased 63% year-on-year to $6.24 billion in the second quarter of this year.

Video is the main driver behind this surge in revenue according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg who says that video is at the heart of Facebook services.

For the three months ending in June, Facebook posted $6.44 billion in revenue, a 59% increase on Q2 2015, while profit rocketed by 189% to $2.06 billion year on year.

84% of revenue stream is attributed to mobile up 76% from last year, enhancing the impact that mobile has on the user.

The number of daily active users continues to increase, 17%  up in June to 1.13 billion users on average a day.

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TV Versus On-line Video Consumption

There has been much discussion recently on the way consumers are viewing video content…

Whether via YouTube, on-line or TV channels, bringing to the forefront the question of whether broadcasters need to evolve in line with viewer expectations of video.

The following statistics show our consumption of video content
*In 2015, 61.6% of all video viewing was on Live TV
*14% of video content accessed was on Playback TV.
*38.5% of users viewed videos online
* 56% of 16-24 year olds consumed videos online
*YouTube has reached more 18-34 year olds on mobile alone than any commercial TV channel in the UK and 50% of those aged between 16 and 34 have accessed YouTube on a TV set.
* 90% of this age group own smartphones and 60% own tablets.
* 41% of this age group said that they would choose YouTube above TV as a source for videos.
* 59% of this age group are more likely to find content on what they are interested in by searching on YouTube.
* YouTube claim brands should consider pushing 24% of their TV budgets into Youtube in order to reach younger audiences

The reason for these increasing video online stats is simply control, convenience and content relevancy. Basically put, viewers can watch what they want, when they want and how they want to….as a platform for advertising, however, it still needs to mature.

This said TV remains at the forefront for video viewing and it remains extremely effective as a mass-reach advertising medium. Where Online video advertising does not offer the same mass reach in a single moment from brand awareness which is possible with TV, it does allow advertisers to utilise data to offer personalisation, allowing the targeting of the right creative treatment of the right product to be put in front of the right person at the right time.

TV is beginning to move in the right direction offering personalisation with connected TVs and set top boxes. Sky, have made progress with Sky AdSmart and Sky Advance, offering advertising based on location, household demographic, and viewing behaviour.

So, TV remains a powerful and effective medium, but in order to continue to thrive broadcasters must invest and collaborate in the areas of technology, data and strategies to seize the moment and evolve. If broadcasters manage to evolve, delivering all things to viewers and advertisers, from mass reach to mass personalisation – TV will remain the leader in video consumption. But we have to consider that the two fulfil different roles in our happily co-existing..

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National Botanic Garden of Wales Have Launched Their Summer Campaign

Their objective was to ensure they attract more families with children over the summer period.

With the opening of their Butterfly House (Plas Pilipala) on 1st July they were keen to promote themselves as more than just The National Botanic Garden of Wales, showcasing all they have to offer for the entire family including adventures such as zip wiring, zorbing  and a straw bale maze.

We began with their new promotional video created for use online, which does just this with fabulous images of all of their activities including their beautiful gardens and plants….It certainly entices us to go back time and again.  This is all backed up with an impactful mixed media campaign put together including interactive articles, takeovers and inventory online, outdoor advertising.

This is all backed up with an impactful mixed media campaign put together including interactive articles, takeovers and inventory online, outdoor advertising with bus, 6 sheets, and a radio sponsorship. With beautifully eye-catching visuals and repeating the key messages promoting all that they have to offer we are sure this will be a successful summer for the National Botanic Gardens Of Wales.

Outdoor 6 Sheets:

Wales Botanic Pic

Take a look at the promotional video below in English and Welsh –  

Butterfly House – English Version



Plas Pilipala – Welsh Version

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Beyonce Takes Cardiff By Storm

 City Centre shoppers and concert goers alike were stunned to come across international pop sensation Beyonce walking around alongside them.

The ‘Crazy In Love’ singer was seen popping into Cardiff’s Park Plaza Hotel on Wednesday night and spotted having a drink with rugby pundit Jonathan Davies.  She was also caught last minute shopping in St David’s 2 shopping centre prior to her Formation tour performance at The Principality Stadium on Thursday 30th June.

OK!, we confess, it wasn’t the real Beyonce. It was an awareness campaign for our client ACT Training Limited. We hired a high-profile look-a-like Beyonce to tie in with Queen B’s concert, with the objective to raise awareness amongst young people about the apprenticeship schemes ACT has to offer.

Watch the promotional video below.

Gemma Shaw, our hired Queen B spent two days in Cardiff, travelling around in an ACT branded taxi and interacting with fans in the City Centre, followed by “Paparazzi” and accompanied by her entourage, drawing large crowds and taking selfies with fans.

Hired entourage and promo staff were briefed to engage with the general public, ideally targeting 16 – 24 year olds. As they eagerly waited to have a snap with the look alike pop queen, they were informed of ACT’s key messages.

Traineeships, Apprenticeship and Higher Apprenticeships – all offer an opportunity to earn and learn, working towards nationally recognised qualifications, whilst earning a wage, gaining skills and building a rewarding career. ACT works with over 700 employers across Wales who are waiting for young, ambitious candidates.

The first orchestrated sighting of “Beyonce” was on Wednesday evening at the Park Plaza Hotel the night before the concert, accompanied by ACT brand ambassador Jonathan Davies. We thought this scene of an unlikely couple would be perfect to create talkability across social media and ignite the buzz of Queen B’s arrival to the Welsh Capital.

  • Reaching 2,000 views on a video in 24 hours was perfect thanks to a post from I loves the diff.
  • #BEYanapprentice was trending on Twitter across Cardiff due to a high volume of tweets, retweets, and social interaction.

Thursday 30th the day of the concert, we arranged for the lookalike to visit ACT apprentices in their workplaces, The Early Bird Cafe, and The Vanilla Rooms in Cardiff where the look alike Beyonce used their services to promote the schemes. The entire process was documented and leaked across social media channels to achieve interaction across our client’s social media channels.

The stunt was reported on WalesOnline – monthly audience of 2 million unique visitors. The stunt reached the site’s most read section of the website and achieved almost 1000 shares.


Jayne McGill Harris, ACT Training’s marketing and PR manager said:  “The Beyoncé lookalike, was spotted all over Cardiff and we’ve had a great reaction on social media. We are hoping that the extra attention our channels are receiving will help to raise awareness of the options available for young people to live, learn and earn with apprenticeships.”

Our Managing Director of The Media Angel, Alison Debono, added: “This was a great way to engage with youngsters on an interactive and unique level, ensuring that ACT’s campaign message Live Learn and Earn was seen by as many potential apprentices as possible.”

In 48 hours the campaign  –

  • achieved a massive 496.2% increase in Facebook engagement
  • reached 142,139 Twitter accounts
  • gained 170 ,936 Twitter impressions
  • had a 125.0% Increase in received Twitter messages
  • saw 2,093 Twitter link clicks

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Change is good for Instagram

When brands release new icons and logos, previously loyal customers often groan with frustration.

Last month that is exactly what happened when Instagram changed its app icon. The flatter, the more abstract design was described by Adweek as possibly “one of the biggest designs fails of the year.” It’s safe to say that it was not loved at first sight for the new design.

But it turns out that the majority of us are wrong, according to new analysis from Dragonfly, a design –
analysis app by black Swan and researchers from Queen Mary University of London.

One of the biggest designs fails of the year is actually 10% more engaging to the human eye than its
predecessor, according to the Dragonfly app.

The new logo is actually 10% more engaging to the human eye than it’s predecessor, according to the app.

Dragonfly uses a computational model to process the visual characteristics of what someone is looking at
(orientation, contrast, texture, luminance) to assign a stimulus attention score to every pixel, demonstrating its attractiveness. The resulting graphics are Heat maps that display what grabs human attention in the first three seconds of interaction.

In conclusion, change isn’t always better, but in this case, it has been proven it is.

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Facebook is heating up the competition against Google

Facebook is stepping up the competition as it expands its ad network to video and desktop.

The focus will be on personal rather than cookie; brands will be convinced by the help of data to spend with its ad network over rivals. Facebook is heating up the competition against Google with significant developments to its ad network this will need to become more lucid and show more insights to brands to really compete with its rivals.

Facebook is developing its ad network to desktop, taking a bigger share of the lucrative display ad market through the start of selling video ads and offering brands goals, rather than just direct response.

The Facebook developments mean brands are able to buy video ads on the network that drive brand outcomes. At first, marketers will be able to measure video views but the plan is to open up more brand measurements. In-stream and in-article video ads will be available in the development for the first time as well as on desktop sites.

Google still runs the biggest ad network online, with revenues from its ‘network members’ websites’ generating $4.14bn in the fourth quarter of 2015.

However, Facebook has one big advantage over Google and other ad networks – personal information.

This is a big deal for brands worldwide and we will keep you updated on the further developments of Facebook’s ad network.

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UK adspend has grown to £20.1 billion

A recent report by the Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure has shown a rise in UK adspend by 7.5% to £20.1 billion. This is the highest rate since 2010.

Cinema adspend saw the greatest rise of 20.8 per cent to reach a record £283 million in 2015. The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Spectre has strengthened this. It is expected to grow further in 2016.

The second highest was internet adspend which rose 17.3 per cent to £8.6 billion. Mobile made up 78 per cent of the growth as it increased 61.1 per cent to £2.6 billion. Rapid growth is expected to continue in this sector.

TV adspend rose by 7.3 per cent to reach a record £5.3 billion. This was made up of a growth in spot spend of 6.7 per cent to £4.8 billion, and a 20.7 per cent increase in video-on-demand to £175 million. Total TV spend is forecast to rise a further 5.1 per cent in 2016.

Radio adspend grew 2.9 per cent to £592 million, and out of home spend rose 3.9 per cent to a record high of £1.1 billion.

Despite the fantastic growth in adspend for these platforms, print adspend for national newsbrands dropped 11 per cent to £1.2 billion. However, digital adspend increased by 2.5 per cent to £220 million. Direct mail spend grew 1.4 per cent to £1.9 billion data from the Royal Mail has shown.

The ad market is expected to grow again this year with AA/Warc forecasting 5.5 per cent growth for 2016 and for 2017.

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Go Air Trampoline Park has landed in Manchester!

We’ve been extremely busy over the last couple of months, helping Go Air launch Manchester’s biggest trampoline super park.

We started working with Go Air early in 2015 with the launch of the first site in Cardiff in October 2016. Manchester is Cardiff’s black-and-yellow sister venue, and we’ve been working hard to implement a high impact launch campaign to a wide audience in this location. With 200 wall to wall trampolines, battle beams, giant air bag and bounce basketball Go Air in Manchester has something for everyone. The park even hosts fitness classes and is available for public birthday parties.

Go Air were keen to target all adults including families with children and teenage groups to raise awareness of the park’s opening over the Easter break. The team required our expertise on effectively reaching their audience in the right places at exactly the right time, through the most cost effective means.

We put together a targeted campaign that included airtime on popular Manchester radio stations Capital North West and Key 103, along with a Drive Time promotion on Capital to build anticipation and excitement around Manchester’s largest trampoline park. Click here to see Capital North West hosts Rob and Wingman at Go Air Manchester.

In order to be precise in reaching families with children we included adverts and a competition in the Manchester edition of the Primary Times which is distributed to Primary schools and families specifically. To ensure we were remaining targeted and producing minimal wastage we took advantage of the precise geo-targeting technologies provided by ITV Player. We ran a campaign delivering impressions to all adults with children in Manchester, seeing fantastic engagement within the first week. TV and video are without doubt the most effective ways to build brand fame and brand awareness, so to make sure the launch campaign was particularly high impact yet still targeted and cost effective, we complemented the ITV Player campaign with Sky Adsmart. The advert was to be delivered to parents with children between the ages of 5 and 17 across a month on Sky channels.

Building campaign frequency and reach across the city was also important for achieving maximum impact. We took advantage of cost-effective tram interiors as part of this integrated campaign. The high dwell time on tram journeys means interiors are perfect for engaging multiple audiences when they’re on the move. Audiences ‘on the move’ are said to be more receptive to advertising messages with 43% being more alert when out of home. Tram routes travel around Manchester, spreading awareness of Go Air’s trampoline super park further for higher frequency and reach.

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Twitter turns 10 today!

10 years ago Twitter posted their first tweet; now more than 500 million are posted every day. While they remain the go-to destination for brands and users looking for real-time information, Twitter hopes to become more than a social network. In fact, the brand hopes to become the hub for people to explore their interests.

From the ‘#’ to the promoted ad product, Twitter has been a major player in the social media revolution that has turned modern marketing on its head. Now brands can target individuals, start a two-way conversation, create interactive content via polls and join in on real-time issues.

CEO Jack Dorsey has a long-term strategy in place to ensure Twitter grows both users and advertisers. And it revolves around positioning Twitter as an “interest network”.

Twitter is a pivotal tool in the conversations, cultural moments and news events that are going on around the world. Its reputation as the resource of choice when something important happens has made them an invaluable resource for personal and corporate moments alike. Its real-time nature is still its biggest strength.

Twitter’s UK managing director Dara Nasr, discusses how he plans to grow Twitter as an ‘interest network’ rather than a social one, by highlighting all the topics that people are talking about. He explains: “Twitter is the shortest distance between you and what you are passionate about. We have 500 million tweets a day so almost every subject is covered. What we want to do is capitalise on this massive source on information.”

In the US, Twitter recently launched its first TV ad campaign aiming to do just that by targeting sports fans. A similar campaign is expected in the UK after Twitter appointed Lucky Generals to come up with creative for this market.

Twitter was the first social network to come up with a promoted ad product. Launched in April 2010, the promoted tweet was a big change from the previously popular banner ad, and its success led Twitter to launch promoted trends, promoted accounts and most recently promoted moments.

Twitter users are renowned for being passionate and engaged with other people’s tweets and so Twitter wanted brands to be able to utilize that engagement. So it was important for them to develop a product that was similar and suited to the organic product.

Twitter ads average engagement rate levels remain high between 1% and 3%.

Forrester marketing analyst Erna Alfred Liousas claims the key to maintaining brands’ interest in advertising on Twitter is to continue investment in the capabilities and communications that support its direction to be an interest network.

Twitter’s MD promises brands increased innovation and sophistication of products, in particular in targeting and analytics. The ability to target by keyword or interest really helps advertisers that have a tight plan to engage with their target market. Improved insight tools also enable advertisers to view other topics that interest their target market, adding an extra layer of sophistication and insight into their campaigns.

Twitter has also had a major impact on marketing, particularly in the areas of reactive, real-time and customer service. Hannah Beesley, social director at creative agency Iris Worldwide, highlights how events such as Oreo’s blackout ad during the Super Bowl in 2013 “woke brands up to the power of joining the conversation” and the risks.

Peter Markey, CMO at the Post Office, says Twitter is a vital part of the marketing mix because of its openness and transparency. “Twitter reminds all good marketers that your brand has to be authentic.”

Social media and our use of it will continue to evolve, and Twitter must evolve too. For marketers, the desire to draw customers closer to their brands will only intensify further and Twitter has steps in place to ensure they provide marketers with a platform which enables exactly that.

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