Study shows OOH advertising encourages mobile search

Four leading OOH specialists have collaborated on research in to peoples on-line search behaviour whilst they are out of home.

JC Decaux, Clear Channel, Posterscope and Global discovered that searches on mobiles are 38% more likely to lead to a purchase compared to at home mobile searches.

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“Understanding the why, where and the how”

1,100 British 18-55 year old consumers were researched through desk and online to comprehend why people searched on-line.

A bespoke online mobile search diary was completed capturing almost 10,000 individual searches which recorded their mobile search behaviour over 7 days to determine how mobile search differs when conducted in “OOH Locations” versus “At Home”

It was found that searches mirrored “need states” across different categories. (for more information on “need states” try Google: 6 Need States Influence Search Behavior (

+58%  Consumers who spend more time OOH conduct more searches across more categories

Mobile searches conducted OOH are more diverse than At Home mobile searches and lead to more actions .

+38% Searches conducted in OOH Locations lead to a purchase than At Home mobile searches

It was found that searches run parallel to “need states”

62% of food/grocery shopping searches are “Doing Searches”

57% Finance searches are “understanding searches”

34% career searches are “Self-discovering/progressing searches”

National Botanic Garden of Wales

OOH mobile searches cover more ”need states” than at home mobile searches significantly over indexing for;

Experiencing +37%

Belonging +70%

Self-discovering / progressing +40%

Mobile searches conducted OOH are more spread out across time periods. Over 8 in 10 taking place before 7pm, while 4 in 10 at home mobile searches are conducted in the evening post 7pm

Mobile searches conducted OOH have a wider variety of triggers particularly based on location needs (39%), the senses e.g. conversations, (20%) and linked to activities people are doing (18%)

The OOH environment priming attributes encouraging search, include Inspiration, The Senses, Experiences and Location needs. 62% of consumers state OOH advertising creatives with a location call out would encourage them to search. This was conducted through an on-line research study with the consumers studied using visual stimuli

Digital 6 Sheet

The creative drivers of research were shown to be;

Bold short copy 58%

Humour 55%

Website featured 55%

Prominent product shot 54%

Prominent logo 47%

Dynamic triggers drive search even more

Location 62%

Time of day 57%

Weather 57%

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