Is the concept of a sonic logo new?

Pandora became the first major audio streaming platform to adopt a sonic logo, or a tune it hopes consumers will associate with its brand wherever it’s heard. But is the idea of a sonic logo really such a new idea?

In the future, Pandora’s new logo may be played when someone opens the app, but for now, the logo only exists in their “Sound On” brand campaign, which debuted on Wednesday and includes musicians such as Jonas Brothers, Khalid and John Legend.

On first inspection, the idea of a sonic logo may seem quite innovative, but there are several iconic sonic logos that you may not have realised are considered sonic logos.

The drumroll played during the 20th Century Fox intro was created by composer Alfred Newman in 1933.

Walter Werzowa made Intel’s iconic “bong” anthem more than 20 years ago. 

Sonic logos are also used in the car industry. Here’s Audi’s…

And BMW’s…
But what is the importance of a sonic logo, and why are companies developing them?

Brands are starting to pay attention to the proliferation of smart speakers, and the ability for consumers to identify a brand purely by sound. Companies must start thinking about how they are heard, not just seen.

“A brand identity is no longer dependent on look and feel alone,” says Lauren Nagel, VP and exec creative director at Pandora. “We are thinking about this beyond the Pandora platform; we want to be an agency to speak on the very source of sound.”

So while in the past sonic logos were a tag-on to the end of a television advert, we can expect brands to consider how they can be used as advertising platforms evolve.

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