Cinema delivers low ad avoidance and high engagement

It has been reported by the RAB that cinema delivers the lowest ad avoidance across all media platforms. Only 8% of people manage to avoid cinema advertising, with individuals claiming to engage positively with an estimated 33% of cinema adverts.

Cinema Ad AvoidanceThis engagement is said to be at a much higher level compared to other forms of media.

These findings are perhaps unsurprising; particularly given that the ads are seen by many as part of the overall cinema-going experience. Despite respondents claiming that cinema advertising is difficult to avoid, consumers of cinema are actively engaged, captive and willing; they have consciously ‘opted in’ to this viewing experience. Cinema is one of few ways to reach audiences on a large scale, with such deep engagement in content.

The cinema experience is said to encourage these audiences to relax and a focus on the big screen in front of them. This focus forms a deep engagement with brand messages being shown; the impact of which is believed to be 8 times greater than advertising on television. This intense focus inevitably leads to an improved ability to recall detail in advertisements.

Given that there are on average 10 new films of different genre released every week, a broad and varied range of audiences are attracted to cinema screens; the reach of cinema advertising is therefore extremely wide and diverse.

Where cinema takes the lead with lowest ad avoidance figures; radio was close behind with only 16% successfully avoiding adverts broadcast through this medium. Looking at these figures in the context of television (44%); newspapers (68%) and magazines (61%), cinema and radio advertising are the clear front runners!

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