Shutterstock’s 2019 Creative Predictions

Shutterstock’s 2019 creative trends report highlights how visual aesthetics of the past are far from dead, with top trends echoing old styles.

The report is based on Shutterstock’s vast archive of stock images and footage, and year-on-year search increases, which the company used to generate its design and visual predictions for 2019.

The report names the top three trends for 2019 as ‘Zine Culture, ’80s Opulence’ and ‘Yesterday’s tomorrow‘ – all of which are nostalgically reminiscent of the past.

In addition to top trends, the report outlines eight styles which were popular this year. They include, ‘Tempting Typography,”Kawaii,’ ‘Beyond Plastic’ and ‘Colourful Cartoon Art.’

‘Zine culture’ reflects the imaginative world of photomontage. It meshes the old, raw artistic practice, with the digital capabilities of today, to create a fresh, uniquely undesigned look. According to Shuttterstock’s search history, the term ‘contemporary art collage’ increased by 1376% this year.

’80’s opulence’ has as much bravado as a Culture Club album cover. According to the report, the term ‘chain print’ is up by 731% and ‘elegance pattern’ searches increased by 1060%. Good taste is forgotten and substituted for an ostentatious clash – from leopard print and snakeskin to peacock feathers and gold chains, all elements of the style compete for attention.

‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ is an optimistic redux of early-tech that demonstrates that old is new again. The term ‘synthwave’ has increased by 717%, ‘retrowave’ by 676% and ‘duotone’ by 230%. The style reinstalls futurism aesthetics like bold purple, blue and pink duotone gradients, basic vector graphics and dreamy synth music.

Discussing the predictions report, Shutterstock’s chief marketing officer, Lou Weiss, said: “Even the most talented creative professionals sometimes want a little inspiration for their next big project and our Creative Trends report is here to help.

“With over 1.5m fresh new assets added weekly and millions of searchers using our platform, Shutterstock has volume of search and download data to predict the hottest trends and newest fads being driven by the design world. We can’t wait to see these 2019 design themes come to life everywhere, from ad campaigns, to the catwalk, and in movies. This year, our top three trends are influenced by the bold design principles of years past, so it will be particularly interesting to see how they evolve with modern interpretations best suited for today’s digital platforms.”


Radio ad spend grew by 7.8% in 2014…

Research conducted by RadioWorks has delivered some exciting predictions for radio advertising in 2015. Where radio saw a healthy 7.8% growth in ad-spend last year, a rise of 5.7% is predicted for 2015.

These strong increases in spend are explained by digital audio service’s rising popularity among audiences, with reach figures last year escalating twofold in the space of just 18 months! 12 million unique listeners were reached by audio services in the spring of 2014, and this is expected to rise to 20 million at the start of 2015.

According to reports conducted RAB, brands using radio get their money back nearly eight times over on average!

Such data proves that advertisers are recognising the potential of radio’s significant scale and influence; allocating larger chunks of their marketing budgets to the medium and enjoying maximised returns. With one of the lowest levels of advertising avoidance, radio allows marketers to reach out to millions of new customers as well as current, existing consumers with essential messages at key activity moments across the day. Radio ads are so frequent and high in reach that a brand can create a disproportionately large share of mind for itself.

The time is now to realise the potential in radio advertising investments; January is the perfect time to connect with open-minded, fresh thinking listeners.

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