14 reasons why TV advertising IS so good

Considering adding TV to your marketing mix? We’ve put together 14 fantastic reasons, as proven by Thinkbox’s ‘A Year in TV 2015’ study, to help you make your decision:


1. TV ads are the ones that 75% of people say make them laugh, smile and remember


2. On average, every £1 invested in TV advertising returned £1.79 in profit to the advertiser


3. 16–24s are 84% more likely to talk about ads than the average adult


4. TV accounts for 1/3 of campaign-driven sales


5. TV is 40% more efficient at driving long-term response per pound than the next best forms of communication


6. Approximately 90% of total response was generated after a viewer had seen an ad for the first or second time


7. Every week TV reaches 86% of 16-24s


8. The average viewer watched 45 TV ads a day– 6 ads more a day than ten years ago


9. Twitter reaches 19% of the UK population, Facebook reaches 43%. TV’s reach is 94% of the population


10. TV accounts for 58% of all 16-24’s video consumption


11. 87% of TV is watched live


12. In total, the average person in the UK watched
4 hours, 35 minutes a day of video in all its different forms in 2015. This has increased by 15 minutes a day since 2014


13. 54% of households pay for a full TV service in the UK


14. Thinkbox shareholders including Channel 4, ITV, Sky Media, Turner and UKTV, represent over 99% of commercial TV advertising revenue


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