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Aldi’s Christmas parody of the John Lewis ‘Man on the moon’ campaign could be considered a huge success for the discount supermarket chain.

Over the 12 week Christmas period until January 3rd, Aldi recorded an increase in sales of 13.3% compared with chains Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, who saw small increases of only 0.8% and 1.5% respectively.

Brands such as Tesco even saw sales fall by 2.7% following an also fairly dramatic descend in storytelling ranking early last Winter. Their new campaign attempted to breathe life into the ‘Every little helps’ strapline, but instead produced ambiguity about its meaning.

Alongside fabulously competitive prices, Aldi executed a humorous and reactive TV campaign that successfully captured the minds of British consumers over Christmas. Involving themselves in the conversation and buzz around ‘Man on the moon’ Aldi managed to reap the rewards for their bravery and innovation.

Following Aldi’s lead, thinking in real-time to cut through, engage and react with consumer mood is a trend predicted to increase in 2016. Across all traditional and digital media platforms brands are expected to invest spend in campaigns triggered by different events. Much like Aldi, brands are said to be planning a focus on a range of offline triggers including popular TV shows (52%) sports events (48%) financial events (40%) TV advertising (38%) and even changes in the weather (33%).

Growth in sales as demonstrated by Aldi proves that clever content distributed on the right platforms has the ability to capture and engage millions of additional consumers. Get in touch with The Media Angel to discuss the best channels for your marketing campaign to help you over deliver on your campaign objectives.


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