Sky AdSmart enhances its highly targeted services…

Great news for small, niche and local businesses! From this month, advertisers will be able to deliver television adverts into Sky homes on an area postcode basis.

Advertisers can now be even more specific in targeting audiences; basing delivery on the first two letters of a postcode in addition to the existing location based targeting offered by Sky.

Whereas location based targeting allowed advertisers to select audiences based on TV regions or metropolitan areas such as Cardiff, Manchester or London, this new system is highly specific and therefore extremely cost-effective for businesses. This type of specificity hugely minimises wastage and allows advertisers to talk directly and efficiently to preferred audiences.

This is fantastic news for smaller businesses who might have previously considered television advertising too expensive with too much wastage for their media budgets. Allowing more accurate targeting is designed to encourage more brands to enter the TV advertising market and take greater control over their campaign budget.

Sky AdSmart works by tailoring the content of TV ad breaks according to household profiles and locations. This makes television advertising far more accessible for smaller organisations with precious media budgets, local businesses and those that cater to highly specific, niche audiences.

New developments to the AdSmart service will include targeting via attributes such as ‘pet ownership’ and advertisers will be able to fine tune their targeting further by creating their own custom audiences using their customer data.

If you would like to find out more about how you could get your brand and business onto TV contact The Media Angel today. Reaching your highly specific audiences, in the comfort of their own homes is easier and more viable than you might think!

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