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Blog Updated: May 11th 2020

Last month, we went along to Cardiff Bay for a conference on the new innovative features provided by Sky AdSmart.

We were excited to learn about the further enhanced opportunities and possibilities for our clients created by these new features.

How can you target an audience?

Sky Adsmart now has over 900 individual target segments you can choose from. Campaigns featuring Sky Adsmart can target households by:

  • Location; postcode, local government, BARB area.
  • Socio-demographics; ABC1, Experian Mosaics
  • Financial characteristics
  • Purchase behaviour
  • Technology usage
  • Lifestyle

With the new features of Sky AdSmart the possibilities are endless, particularly with their MasterCard Advertising Insights, Dunnhumby partnering and TECI Targeting. So what will these new features mean for our clients and fellow advertisers?

MasterCard and Tesco insights

MasterCard Advertising Insights that are now available when purchasing Sky AdSmart enables you to deliver addressable TV based on location & aggregate purchase data. This is done via insight drawn from actual transactions. The feature also analyses timely relevant data based on current spending patterns. Targeting segments are informed by activity from more than 24 million payment cards and around 1.5B UK transactions.

The MasterCard Attributes are broken down into six primary segments which all can be broken down further into sub-segments, from flights and travel to sports and entertainment.

Sky’s partnering with Dunnhumby enables Sky AdSmart campaigns to run on Tesco ClubCard segments also –

  • 18m Tesco ClubCard Households
  • 7m Sky AdSmart Households
  • 5m Matched Dataset
  • Reach and Evaluate Households based on their previous and future purchase behaviour

Finally, Sky has also developed the future of segmenting Sky households into groups based on their adoption of new technology. This is called TECI Targeting (Technology Engagement, Customer Index)

  • TECI is based on actual purchase and usage behaviour, which is only available to Sky UK.
  • Allows advertisers to target groups most likely to adopt a new technology, product, or service.

Sky AdSmart and the new features are a fantastic platform to heighten the targeting of a specific audience with minimal wastage.

Want to know more, or ready to start planning your Sky Adsmart campaign? Get in touch today on [email protected]

Go Air Trampoline Park has landed in Manchester!

We’ve been extremely busy over the last couple of months, helping Go Air launch Manchester’s biggest trampoline super park.

We started working with Go Air early in 2015 with the launch of the first site in Cardiff in October 2016. Manchester is Cardiff’s black-and-yellow sister venue, and we’ve been working hard to implement a high impact launch campaign to a wide audience in this location. With 200 wall to wall trampolines, battle beams, giant air bag and bounce basketball Go Air in Manchester has something for everyone. The park even hosts fitness classes and is available for public birthday parties.

Go Air were keen to target all adults including families with children and teenage groups to raise awareness of the park’s opening over the Easter break. The team required our expertise on effectively reaching their audience in the right places at exactly the right time, through the most cost effective means.

We put together a targeted campaign that included airtime on popular Manchester radio stations Capital North West and Key 103, along with a Drive Time promotion on Capital to build anticipation and excitement around Manchester’s largest trampoline park. Click here to see Capital North West hosts Rob and Wingman at Go Air Manchester.

In order to be precise in reaching families with children we included adverts and a competition in the Manchester edition of the Primary Times which is distributed to Primary schools and families specifically. To ensure we were remaining targeted and producing minimal wastage we took advantage of the precise geo-targeting technologies provided by ITV Player. We ran a campaign delivering impressions to all adults with children in Manchester, seeing fantastic engagement within the first week. TV and video are without doubt the most effective ways to build brand fame and brand awareness, so to make sure the launch campaign was particularly high impact yet still targeted and cost effective, we complemented the ITV Player campaign with Sky Adsmart. The advert was to be delivered to parents with children between the ages of 5 and 17 across a month on Sky channels.

Building campaign frequency and reach across the city was also important for achieving maximum impact. We took advantage of cost-effective tram interiors as part of this integrated campaign. The high dwell time on tram journeys means interiors are perfect for engaging multiple audiences when they’re on the move. Audiences ‘on the move’ are said to be more receptive to advertising messages with 43% being more alert when out of home. Tram routes travel around Manchester, spreading awareness of Go Air’s trampoline super park further for higher frequency and reach.

If you think your campaign could benefit from our team’s award winning media planning and buying expertise, please get in touch with us. We’d love to offer our advice and assistance for getting the best returns on your investment, and we can tackle a variety of different briefs. Drop us an email at [email protected] or call 02921 320 200.


Why are your neighbours seeing different TV ads to you?

Thanks to the super advanced targeting technologies of Sky Adsmart, you and your neighbours could be watching the same TV content but being served different advertising messages in the same ad break.

Sky Adsmart revolutionised the TV advertising landscape in 2014 for the first time allowing local businesses and brands to engage with local audiences as they’re watching their favourite television shows.

73% of the 750 businesses to advertise on the platform over the past 2 years had never before advertised on TV. Adsmart provides a unique, affordable and efficient opportunity for businesses to reach their desired audience.

Beyond highly specific location targeting, Adsmart lets advertisers choose household type factors, such as the age, gender and affluence of the homeowner. This is welcome news for both the consumer and the advertiser!

For consumers, this means that instead of seeing universal (often irrelevant) advertising messages within an ad break, you may now be served with pertinent and targeted TV adverts applicable to your personal situation – which could be completely different to that of your neighbour! You may be a family with two teenage children and a dog, whereas your neighbours are a young couple living in their first home. Your needs as consumers versus theirs will probably be different, and advertising now recognises this!

For advertisers, this is also TV advertising implemented in an entirely different way. This is an ingenious platform far more cost effective and efficient at engaging consumers. With this technology you can genuinely reach exactly the right audience, in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, which ultimately enhances the chances of seeing returns.

Sky Adsmart is not the only way to serve audiences with relevant and targeted messaging through the power of TV. Watch this and discover the different ways you can get your message onto the most powerful and effective medium.

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For advice on the best way to get your brand onto TV using channels such as Sky AdSmart; give one of our team a call on 02921 320 200 or email [email protected]. We’ll take a look at your campaign objectives and advise on the best route for you to achieve results.


Sky AdSmart enhances its highly targeted services…

Great news for small, niche and local businesses! From this month, advertisers will be able to deliver television adverts into Sky homes on an area postcode basis.

Advertisers can now be even more specific in targeting audiences; basing delivery on the first two letters of a postcode in addition to the existing location based targeting offered by Sky.

Whereas location based targeting allowed advertisers to select audiences based on TV regions or metropolitan areas such as Cardiff, Manchester or London, this new system is highly specific and therefore extremely cost-effective for businesses. This type of specificity hugely minimises wastage and allows advertisers to talk directly and efficiently to preferred audiences.

This is fantastic news for smaller businesses who might have previously considered television advertising too expensive with too much wastage for their media budgets. Allowing more accurate targeting is designed to encourage more brands to enter the TV advertising market and take greater control over their campaign budget.

Sky AdSmart works by tailoring the content of TV ad breaks according to household profiles and locations. This makes television advertising far more accessible for smaller organisations with precious media budgets, local businesses and those that cater to highly specific, niche audiences.

New developments to the AdSmart service will include targeting via attributes such as ‘pet ownership’ and advertisers will be able to fine tune their targeting further by creating their own custom audiences using their customer data.

If you would like to find out more about how you could get your brand and business onto TV contact The Media Angel today. Reaching your highly specific audiences, in the comfort of their own homes is easier and more viable than you might think!

Secure Law’s Sky AdSmart TV campaign launches today!

Today, the Media Angel has helped Secure Law launch their first TV campaign, highlighting awareness, and seeking out victims of medical negligence…

The aim of the campaign is to help reassure individuals or family members of those who may have had problems with a trans-vaginal implant or hernia repair mesh implant, or those who have been fitted with a Metal on Metal hip implant, that Secure Law have a team of lawyers led by Dr Sarah-Jane Richards ready to help. All of whom are sensitive to the issues involved and experts at what they do.

We helped Secure Law to hand-pick their target audience using Sky AdSmarts unique audience selection technology. In order for Secure Law to reach their target market they defined their campaign not only by location, choosing a small micro region Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys and Bristol (so no wastage) but also by females aged 35 -55+ who are their key audience.

Alison, Managing Director at The Media Angel said:

“This is fantastic for our client, as they are only paying for their exact target audience to see their adverts.”

The TV adverts are part of a blended advertising campaign currently running for Secure Law including billboard and radio adverts.

Cardiff Airport & CityJet first travel companies to try Sky AdSmart in Wales

Sky AdSmart allows advertisers to tailor TV advertising to their specific target audience and areas of the UK.

This clever technology allows companies to advertise on the likes of Sky 1, Sky Living and Sky Movies, with very little wastage and at an affordable price.

Through us at The Media Angel, Cardiff Airport has been able to utilise this advertising concept to help promote their newest airline, CityJet to its target audience.

CityJet flights are direct to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paris and Jersey from just little as £99 return.

Alison Debono, Director of The Media Angel said:

“We are very excited for the future of TV advertising and Sky AdSmart, and for local companies who want to advertise on TV. Having worked in TV advertising and having heard all the objections as to why clients can’t consider it. Sky AdSmart are knocking down those barriers and making it an easy and natural advertising platform to try.”

Sky AdSmart now means businesses can speak directly to their target audience in a cost effective and efficient way, even having different adverts to talk to different customers or to push different brands. Businesses in Wales can now keep up with larger national companies, where previously advertising on TV has been seen as costly and having huge wastage.

Jamie West, Director of Sky AdSmart and Commercial Development at Sky Media said:

“We are delighted to see The Media Angel using Sky AdSmart to such great effect for Cardiff Airport and CityJet. By advertising more selectively on TV than was previously possible, their campaign deserves to be a runway success.”

If you’d like to see how you can get your brand on Sky AdSmart and cherry-pick the people you speak to, then get in touch with The Media Angel and we can show you how we can help you make the smart choice when it comes to your marketing.

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