Channel 4 trials artificial intelligence

Channel 4 has revealed a new artificial intelligence (AI) ad product that will let brands better integrate with TV.

The artificial intelligence is powered by an algorithm that will use visual and audio recognition to identify ideal TV moments for relevant brands to integrate with.

“For example, a character in a show might be seen enjoying a cup of tea and this scene may appeal to a tea brand whose ad would then be placed in the following break,” said Channel 4.

While in the early stages, the network looks to sell these moments in bundles to brands across different categories, be it food, hot drinks, relationships or mobile phones.

Channel 4’s own research found that placing contextual ads next to regular spots, meant spontaneous awareness was up a third, while positive brand perception 12% and purchase intent rose by 13%.

After trials, Channel 4 will present its results later this year.

Source: The Drum

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Consumers rate TV advertising most ‘trustworthy’ medium

Research conducted by Future Foundation for FEPE International, has found that consumers rate Television as the most ‘trustworthy’ medium for advertising. Perhaps surprisingly, the research found ‘out of home’ advertising to be the second most trustworthy after television.

This research has shown that 28% of consumers felt television to be the most ‘trustworthy’ as well as the most ‘memorable’ form of advertising; 46% of respondents in the research could easily recall ads they had seen through this traditional medium.

Interestingly, consumers now also find out of home or outdoor advertising one of the most ‘trustworthy’ forms of promoting brands and products. Similarly, when asked which types of advertising were most memorable to them, 34% of consumers rated out of home advertising as the second form of advertising that stood out to them most.

This research proves that despite the recent digital shifts in marketing, more traditional forms of advertising such as television and outdoor are still vital elements of marketing and advertising campaigns. The so-called digital age of today appears to be least trusted by consumers, who felt that online advertising was not only untrustworthy but easily dismissible and forgettable.

The reason for such sentiments have yet to be explored, however the hugely expansive nature of online compared to the more exclusive nature of television and outdoor advertising could explain consumers feelings that these mediums are most reliable and trustworthy. Similarly, the intrusive nature of online advertising could prove to be repelling confidence in brands and products; particularly if the brand is less well known.

This research reveals important trends and feelings among consumers, reinforcing the notion that reassurance, familiarity and trust is still an important part of advertising.

Having television and outdoor advertising as vital elements of your campaign could potentially increase feelings of trust towards your brand, services and products, and promises to remain in the minds of consumers for much longer.

As always, the Media Angel is on hand to offer expert advice on the best and most appropriate television channels to place your campaign in order to reach maximum numbers of your target audience. The Media Angel can also deliver guidance on the best locations and the best formats for capitalising on your outdoor advertising investments; from 48 sheets to 6 sheets to public transport. Get in touch.

More people in Wales listen to radio than any other UK nation

If the latest figures from Ofcom’s communication market report are anything to go by, radio should really be considered an important part of your advertising plans, particularly for advertisers wishing to reach a high percentage of adults in Wales.

The radio reach figures for Wales appear to be extraordinarily high, with services reaching 95.4% of the adult population! These massive figures accompanied further impressive statistics to show that Welsh audiences also tuned in for longer listening hours than any other of our UK counterparts. South Wales based stations in particular are reaching large numbers of the population, with Capital for example reaching a massive 98,000 listeners between the ages of 15 and 34 every week. Similarly, South Wales’ Nation Radio has a considerable weekly reach of 173,000 listeners, accruing a total average of around 688,000 listening hours for every week.

These figures no doubt suggest that radio should be a vital element in your marketing mix, if you aren’t making use of this medium and its benefits already. We Angels know that radio advertising can sometimes be costly, and when the purse strings are little tight, plans to make use of those airwaves might be first to face the chop.

However, with the right mix of creativity and innovation, and with the potential to reach huge numbers of the population, radio advertising could potentially produce great returns on that investment.

As always the Angels are on hand to make sure you make the most of your marketing potential, and can help with your plans to identify the perfect mix of media for your campaign.

With the largest increase in DAB radio set ownership over the past year, perhaps there has never been a better time to advertise over the airwaves in Wales. Improvements in DAB coverage are likely to have encouraged these increased figures in DAB ownership and reach. Perhaps it’s time to make the most of these exciting developments and incorporate radio into your marketing mix! Get in touch.

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