Why are your neighbours seeing different TV ads to you?

Thanks to the super advanced targeting technologies of Sky Adsmart, you and your neighbours could be watching the same TV content but being served different advertising messages in the same ad break.

Sky Adsmart revolutionised the TV advertising landscape in 2014 for the first time allowing local businesses and brands to engage with local audiences as they’re watching their favourite television shows.

73% of the 750 businesses to advertise on the platform over the past 2 years had never before advertised on TV. Adsmart provides a unique, affordable and efficient opportunity for businesses to reach their desired audience.

Beyond highly specific location targeting, Adsmart lets advertisers choose household type factors, such as the age, gender and affluence of the homeowner. This is welcome news for both the consumer and the advertiser!

For consumers, this means that instead of seeing universal (often irrelevant) advertising messages within an ad break, you may now be served with pertinent and targeted TV adverts applicable to your personal situation – which could be completely different to that of your neighbour! You may be a family with two teenage children and a dog, whereas your neighbours are a young couple living in their first home. Your needs as consumers versus theirs will probably be different, and advertising now recognises this!

For advertisers, this is also TV advertising implemented in an entirely different way. This is an ingenious platform far more cost effective and efficient at engaging consumers. With this technology you can genuinely reach exactly the right audience, in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, which ultimately enhances the chances of seeing returns.

Sky Adsmart is not the only way to serve audiences with relevant and targeted messaging through the power of TV. Watch this and discover the different ways you can get your message onto the most powerful and effective medium.

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