How are Exterion transforming the London Underground?

Exterion Media UK is proud to introduce their newest full-motion ultra HD digital product – D12s, as part of their unique media partnership with TfL.

D12s form part of a wider digital roll out and significant investment (£90 million) in digital products across the TfL rail estate throughout 2018.

Exterion Media UK has almost completed the roll out of 50 of these new D12 screens across 19 handpicked Zone 1 London Underground stations, delivering a hard-to-reach young and up-market audience. The screens are strategically placed along high dwell time corridors and ticket halls across the network.

The newest full motion product, D12s are the latest product to capture the attention of London’s media world – following the successful launch of DX3: a network of 60 full-motion, cross-track, landscape digital products launched in December 2017. Adding to Exterion Media UK’s 100% full-motion digital estate, these new 98” LCD D12 screens are Ultra HD with dynamic capabilities. Their recent Engagement Zone research has proven that full motion is 4 x more engaging than static and Exterion Media UK is encouraging brand to make full creative use of these new formats.

Andrea Marsh, Digital Transformation Director at Exterion Media UK, said: “I’m personally blown away by the impact of these new D12 screens. They’re a fantastic addition to our growing full-motion digital portfolio – positioned in cherry picked locations in the heart of the capital.”

Source: Exterion Media

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TfL teases new ad space design for the Elizabeth Line

With platforms 1.5x the length of a normal tube platform and the space available for potential expansion, there will be plenty of room for advertising at the upcoming Elizabeth Line’s Farringdon Station.

Speaking to Mediatel, Andy Scholes, Crossrail engineer, said that the platforms have been specifically designed to ensure the elimination of advertising “clutter”.

The available ad space will be almost entirely digital, with full height digital screens integrated into the glass platform doors used to separate commuters from the tracks. Only a handful of paper ads will be available – displayed in the hall and illuminated with a halo of lights.

Crucially, the back walls of the platforms will be entirely free of ads, a departure from ordinary tube platforms where much of the advertising is displayed towards people’s backs. With the Elizabeth Line, ads will always be in the commuter eye line.

Escalators will also be adorned with the continuous ‘ribbon’ video screens that Chris Reader, head of commercial media, TfL, teased in an article on Mediatel last year.

The Elizabeth line is Europe’s largest infrastructure project, with 42km of new tunnels under London, 10 new stations and upgrades at many others. TfL expects 82,000 passengers to use the service per day at peak time – once the service is fully operational in 2019.

By May 2019, TfL said there will be 24 trains an hour – adding 10% to central London’s rail capacity, reducing journey times and increasing choice.

The Elizabeth Line opens December this year through central London, with services running between Paddington and Abbey Wood, Liverpool Street and Shenfield, and Paddington and Heathrow. The full line to Reading will open December 2019.

Source: Mediatel

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