Consumers rate TV advertising most ‘trustworthy’ medium

Research conducted by Future Foundation for FEPE International, has found that consumers rate Television as the most ‘trustworthy’ medium for advertising. Perhaps surprisingly, the research found ‘out of home’ advertising to be the second most trustworthy after television.

This research has shown that 28% of consumers felt television to be the most ‘trustworthy’ as well as the most ‘memorable’ form of advertising; 46% of respondents in the research could easily recall ads they had seen through this traditional medium.

Interestingly, consumers now also find out of home or outdoor advertising one of the most ‘trustworthy’ forms of promoting brands and products. Similarly, when asked which types of advertising were most memorable to them, 34% of consumers rated out of home advertising as the second form of advertising that stood out to them most.

This research proves that despite the recent digital shifts in marketing, more traditional forms of advertising such as television and outdoor are still vital elements of marketing and advertising campaigns. The so-called digital age of today appears to be least trusted by consumers, who felt that online advertising was not only untrustworthy but easily dismissible and forgettable.

The reason for such sentiments have yet to be explored, however the hugely expansive nature of online compared to the more exclusive nature of television and outdoor advertising could explain consumers feelings that these mediums are most reliable and trustworthy. Similarly, the intrusive nature of online advertising could prove to be repelling confidence in brands and products; particularly if the brand is less well known.

This research reveals important trends and feelings among consumers, reinforcing the notion that reassurance, familiarity and trust is still an important part of advertising.

Having television and outdoor advertising as vital elements of your campaign could potentially increase feelings of trust towards your brand, services and products, and promises to remain in the minds of consumers for much longer.

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