Time to consider TV Sponsorship?

As we have recently planned a TV sponsorship for one of our clients Coleg Y Cymoedd on S4C for Bois Y Rhondda we thought it would be a good idea to re-visit the reasons why these are a really great option for brands to include in their marketing mix.

There are many benefits of sponsorship –

  • The TV viewing audience have an emotional response and attachment to TV shows which can be a powerful brand driver, extending emotions to the sponsoring brand – such as Coronation Street whose current sponsor is Argos
  • The wide range of programmes available offers many platforms of sponsorships for brands enabling them to target their ideal audience.
  • TV audiences are loyal, ensuring brands messages are seen multiple times by their target market , building a brand awareness that traditional TV does not – our client Cardiff Airport aligned their sponsorship with ITV Wales Cymru Weather
  • In cost terms, TV sponsorship can often be a smaller slice of a brands budget…reaching as large an audience but without the cost implications of buying a traditional TV airtime campaign.
  • TV Sponsorships are a fantastic way to align your brand with a programme and gain frequency with a specific target audience,

If you are interested in considering using sponsorship to align your brand with a TV or radio programme please contact our friendly and experienced team  https://lnkd.in/gMafUwa 

What will come of Christmas Advertising 2020

Will advertisers deliver a much needed dose of happiness and joy, or will Covid-19 be adding more doom and gloom? Not to sound like the Grinch but Covid-19 has ruined 2020 and Christmas this year is not going to be the same.

As always, this time of year is when brands begin to roll out their Christmas ad extravaganzas. Not only are they vital for business, but research last year found advertising plays a key role in getting people in the festive mood, and in these times, rarely has there been a greater need to lift the public’s spirit. Consumers are crying out for advertisers to provide some festive cheer!

But for marketers and designers having to devise relatable Christmas ads while being uncertain as to what Christmas will even look like this year, the challenge is huge..

Each year, big brands like John Lewis and Amazon can be relied upon to dig deep into their budgets and bring out the big bucks to spend on their blockbusters, as they battle to win the Christmas ad showdown. 

The campaigns released so far have been a mixed bag of attempting to distract customers from the pandemic, and directly addressing the elephant in the room. Amazon has been widely commended for sensitively approaching the topic in a way that doesn’t feel downbeat. Argos on the other hand decided to swerve the topic altogether and is all about possibilities and dreams. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of children. The hotly anticipated John Lewis advert has also now arrived and is part of a campaign called ‘give a little love’ which aims to raise 5 Million pounds to help 100,000 families in need. They always create a tear jerker!   

There is the issue of family gatherings; how would advertisers be able to recreate these group scenes without knowing if people would be able to get together? Which is why Argos went down the route of ‘magic’, which it used as a way to talk about dreams coming true, depicting young magicians seeing their extended family in a dreamlike theatre setting.

This Christmas looks to be one for the history books. There’s no doubt that brands will be less generous with their ad spend, but that doesn’t mean consumers should expect no gifts. We hope you all receive that magic and sparkle that everyone deserves during the festive period.
If you need help with your Christmas advertising contact our friendly team [email protected].

How often are people in the room when TV ads are on?

According to a new study from IPG Media Lab, 71 percent of TV commercials are seen by viewers.

The media agency worked with TVision to analyze six months of TV viewing behavior to assess how often people are actually seeing commercials. Using a term that’s more often used in the digital landscape, the study says that 71 percent of TV ad deliveries are “viewable,” meaning someone is in the room for at least two seconds while the commercial is airing. This compares to 69 percent of digital video being “viewable.”

The study used technology that was installed in a panel of households, recording variables such as how many people were in the room when an ad aired, whether people were engaged with the specific ad and if the ad was viewed by its target audience.

Some categories fared better than others: pharmaceutical ads were viewed 75 percent of the time, compared to 65 percent viewability for recreational ads, which includes entertainment venues, toys and games, and gyms and fitness.

This could, in part, be due to the use of longer pharma ads, which tend to increase viewability.

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Source: https://adage.com/article/advertising/people-room-ads-air-brands-study-reveals/317022/

AVoD to pick up speed in 2019

Advertising-funded video-on-demand (AVoD) – think Now TV, Hulu and Sony’s Crackle, as well as growing interest from Amazon – is still very young compared to other media. But, advertisers are fast beginning to see its future potential.

Subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) services like Netflix have been garnering plenty of attention as they colonise global living rooms. But, competition is also starting to heat up in for online video ad spend.

So much so that it is outpacing other media with spend set to double to $47bn by 2023 worldwide, according to Warc.

The expected $23.8bn in brand investment that AVoD will receive this year equates to a 5.2% share of global ad spend, which is increasing year on year. And as a percentage of total over-the-top (OTT) spend (an estimated $68.7bn in 2018, according to Digital TV Research), AVoD will account for 34.7%.

“Consumers’ voracious appetite for video content anywhere, on any device, has been propelled by SVoD services such as Netflix. But it is AVoD platforms which present the opportunity for advertisers to marry rich consumer data with pinpoint targeting during engaging content.

This is why AT&T and Amazon are exploring moves into the AVoD sector next year, with the ultimate aim of taking the lion’s share of a market expected to be worth $47bn by 2023.”

James McDonald, data editor, Warc.

AVoD platforms present the opportunity for advertisers to marry rich consumer data with pinpoint targeting during engaging content.

Indeed, Amazon kick-started speculation in the summer when it posted a job ad looking for a UK-based executive to lead an ad-funded free-to-air TV offering.

An ad-funded platform, Pluto TV, has also just launched on Now TV in the UK.

For brands, this means a potential explosion of new online video inventory that can host both traditional TV spots and creative tailored for the medium. For broadcasters it’s imperative to keep pace with newer platforms.

“The UK’s broadcasters and pay-TV providers remain in a strong position,” says Jon Watts, managing partner at MTM.

“[They] have developed world-class OTT products – the BBC iPlayer, All4, the ITV Hub, My5 and Now TV – but we’re clearly seeing signs of significant shifts in consumer attitudes and perceptions of quality, in terms of content, value for money and innovation.”

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Source: https://www.marketingweek.com/2019/01/04/five-trends-media-2019/?cmpid=em~newsletter~breaking_news~n~n&utm_medium=em&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=breaking_news&eid=7065287&sid=MW0001&adg=5C1E1BD4-B878-43B7-9CA5-52C2F49301DB&nocache=true&adfesuccess=1

The Most Complained About TV Shows of 2018

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Celebrity Big Brother was the television programme that Ofcom received the most complaints about in 2018.

Over the year, they received a total of almost 56,000 complaints about programmes from viewers and listeners. Together, the top ten most complained about television shows prompted more than 47,000 complaints, making up 86% of the year’s total.

Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother attracted the most complaints in 2018, with 27,602. Most of these were about an allegation of physical abuse made by Roxanne Pallett against Ryan Thomas.

Second on the list was an episode of ITV’s Loose Women. This prompted 7,912 complaints, most of which were about an interview with guest Kim Woodburn.

ITV reality shows Love Island and The X Factor also featured in the top 10 (ranked 4th and 10th respectively), along with storylines on Coronation Street (5th) and Emmerdale (6th) which prompted hundreds of viewers to get in touch with Ofcom. Good Morning Britain (7th), This Morning (8th), Sky News (3rd) and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here (9th) complete the rankings.

Ofcom launched 137 investigations into TV and radio programmes in 2018. Of those, 129 were concluded this year. They found the broadcasting rules were broken in 80 cases; 33 cases were found to have not broken the rules; and 16 cases were resolved – which means in those cases Ofcom’s concerns were satisfied by the broadcaster.

The top ten in full:
  1. Celebrity Big Brother: 27,602
  2. Loose Women: 8,002
  3. Sky News: 4,251
  4. Love Island: 4,192
  5. Coronation Street: 1,098
  6. Emmerdale: 759
  7. Good Morning Britain: 548
  8. This Morning: 402
  9. I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!: 335
  10. The X Factor: 286



Channel 4 trials artificial intelligence

Channel 4 has revealed a new artificial intelligence (AI) ad product that will let brands better integrate with TV.

The artificial intelligence is powered by an algorithm that will use visual and audio recognition to identify ideal TV moments for relevant brands to integrate with.

“For example, a character in a show might be seen enjoying a cup of tea and this scene may appeal to a tea brand whose ad would then be placed in the following break,” said Channel 4.

While in the early stages, the network looks to sell these moments in bundles to brands across different categories, be it food, hot drinks, relationships or mobile phones.

Channel 4’s own research found that placing contextual ads next to regular spots, meant spontaneous awareness was up a third, while positive brand perception 12% and purchase intent rose by 13%.

After trials, Channel 4 will present its results later this year.

Source: The Drum

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Missguided sales boom due to Love Island partnership

Sales have spiked by around 40% between 7pm and midnight when the show airs. Making it the most effective way for Missguided to reach its target audience next to Instagram.

Missguided says it has seen sales increase by around 40% during the evenings Love Island is on TV.

Speaking to Marketing Week, Missguided’s new chief customer officer, Kenyatte Nelson says aside from Instagram, nothing allows it to reach its core 16- to 29-year-old female audience with the same efficiency as Love Island.

“There’s nothing that exists outside of the Instagram platform that touches on a daily basis, for 10 weeks, our core customer – particularly those under the age of 25 – with the depth, frequency and level of engagement like Love Island,” Nelson explains.

“From a commercial standpoint it’s worked brilliantly. Even on the first day the show aired, our trade – particularly from around the hours of 7pm to midnight – saw an increase of around 40% week on week and its trajectory has been ratcheting up ever since, it hasn’t slowed.”

The women’s fashion retailer partnered with the ITV hit reality show this year in an effort to drive awareness of the brand. And to show that it is more than just party dresses and occasion wear.

“In TV, if you do a buy for 16-29 females they’re probably going to put you on X Factor. The reality is you’re only going to pay for that audience and get everyone else for free. The digital guys would call that wastage, but when you’re getting millions of eyeballs for free I’m not sure how much is wasted. That’s quite good.

Source: Marketing Week

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Something new from SKY TV- SKY Regional

Sky has developed new technology to allow advertisers to run regionally targeted TV campaigns. Previously this capability has been used to target niche audiences.

They are trialling a solely regional functionality from September to December 2016.

Key Info

• Sky Media SOV in the ITV1 regions ranges from 35-40%*

• Sky Media has a younger and higher ABC1 audience than ITV1

• Target all UK regions excluding London, Central, Meridian, Anglia

• Can expand the coverage & effectiveness of regional campaigns

• Data analytics option for advertisers prepared to share results

The Process

• Identify your ITV1 region(s)

• Send your advert to the Sky+ HD boxes in your chosen region(s)**

• Ads served in any linear or time-shifted break across 86 channels***

• Viewers need to see at least 75% of an advert for it to count as an impression

• Only pay for the number of impressions delivered

• Impression reports supplied through the campaign period

So if you advertise on TV and put 25% of your total spend on Sky regional (Sky’s SOV) then the coverage should increase by over 12% from 42% to 47.3%

This is a great new, cost-effective way of reaching a large audience in your target area at a more affordable price than SkyAdSmart.

If you are interested in advertising your brand on TV, call one of our team today on 02921 320 200.

Proud finalists at CIM Marketing Excellence Awards

What a fantastic time we had at the CIM Excellence in Marketing Awards 2016 last Thursday 14 April at the beautiful Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

I am so proud to have seen The Media Angel up alongside some amazing brands in the finals. Our ‘Legacies’ campaign with Ty Hafan was nominated with the likes of O2, Direct Line, Camelot, Bupa, PWC UK, Legal and General, Vision Express, Jewson, Visit Britain and Santander as an example of excellence in marketing across the UK. With our Legacies campaign achieving a ROI of over 300% for life limited children at Ty Hafan, we were identified as worthy finalists demonstrating a commitment to marketing innovations within the SME category. All finalists were celebrated for the creativity and originality of their campaigns, paying special respects to the positive impact that great marketing can have on an organisation; much like our Ty Hafan Legacies case study.

There were 24 categories rewarding the breadth of marketing excellence across some of the UK’s most respected brands. I couldn’t be more proud of The Media Angel and my team making the finals and representing Wales. Out of around 150 finalists in total, there were only 5 Welsh organisations at this year’s ceremony. To be the only Welsh media planning and buying agency shortlisted in the finals feels like an amazing achievement. Also flying the flag for Wales in the Brand Experience category was our wonderful client Swansea University. Their Making Waves campaign has performed exceptionally well over the past 3 years, increasing in popularity year on year with added thanks to our talented team’s media planning and buying expertise.

I am so very proud of  The Media Angel and my team for achieving such huge recognition. Being such a small and hard working agency we are beyond thrilled to be able to say we were the only media planning and buying agency across Wales to win at the CIM Canmol Marketing Awards, and one of few Welsh brands to make the finals at National level in 2016. The past 12 months have been truly amazing for our dedicated team.

We would love to say a huge thank you to all of our clients and friends for their constant and continued support over the past few years, we are so grateful to each and every one of you. Without your support we wouldn’t be where we are today. We love our roles within this exciting and fast paced advertising sector. Each day and each client campaign is so varied, we love the fact we don’t know what we will get asked to work on next. Whatever the campaign and whatever its size, we have a combined industry experience of over 50 years and love to put our heads together to tackle any kind of brief. So if you are looking for some inspiring and innovative ideas then get in touch with our team of experts. #LoveMarketing

Read about our award-winning campaign here.

Despite a digital shift, TV ad revenue sees little, if any decline

Industry researchers have predicted that more than half of the nation’s advertising budget is likely to be spent on digital media this year. Perhaps surprisingly, certain traditional media platforms continue to thrive, despite a digital shift.

Even with this rise in digital media, TV is expected to see its advertising revenue rise by 3% to £3.bn seeing little, if any decline. A spokesperson from the Strategy Analytic’s Report describes the future of television advertising as “simply experiencing a shift in the source of revenue from linear TV ads to online video”.

The UK’s weekly population reach for TV remains stable at 94.2% and the traditional TV set remains the screen of choice for 98.4% of the population. Viewing on other devices such as tablets, laptops and smart phones has grown year on year by 17% but has yet to overtake the traditional television set as the preferred way to watch content.

For advertisers, the steadily growing popularity of on-demand services and online platforms is great news particularly for small businesses. These services provide opportunities for reaching audiences on a far more manageable budget. Where national TV advertising is renowned for being massively expensive, the rates for ITV Player and 4oD for example are significantly less and will still reach a majority audience.

Do you want to reach up to 94.2% of the population in your area with your advertising? Contact The Media Angel on 02921 320 200 or drop us an email for impartial advice on the most suitable media mix to suit your objectives.

Marketers, have yourself a very merry stress-free Christmas & New Year!

A joyous time for families, the utmost important month in the retailer’s calendar, that mad panic for last minute shopping, all of which is just under 55 days time! Are you ready marketers?

The festive period can often be a stressful time for consumers, and even a more manic time for those of you are marketers. Your marketing team have the pleasurable task of looking ahead at your marketing budgets for 2015. There may still be time to secure a digital campaign before the tree goes up, but the clock is ticking!

Fear not, The Media Angel can help save you time and money and ease you into the New Year with a helping hand, starting with these top tips:

  1. Get the most out of winter bargains– TV airtime in December and January is an ideal time to advertise and be seen. Just like your furniture and clothing sales, advertising costs are reduced. And TV advertising needn’t be expensive with a target audience in mind.
  2. Be more dog digital – Treat this as your New Year’s resolution. Online advertising has doubled in the last year or so. New and recent platforms, such as ITV Player and social media can offer great packages, little wastage and provide measurable results to better your future campaigns, in a visually stimulating way, this will help your interaction with your customers. Also, make sure you adapt for mobile and tablet devices. Invest in a fast and beautiful website, after all it’s your digital home, your shop window reinvented in the palm of your hands. Let us help you take good care of it.
  3. Plan while you can– Treat your campaign like your upcoming summer holiday. Preparation is key! Media planning ensures your message is in the right place, at the right time. Whether TV, radio, outdoor or print, the best ad space can book up far in advance. Let us help you get ahead of the game and get in touch for media planning expertise and advice on making the best use of your media budget.
  4. Consistency– Show consistency by developing your brand for all media platforms, whether seeing or hearing your message, so people know who you are and what you’re offering.
  5. Be different – If you really want to stand out and get noticed, and create impact then try something different. Some of the best campaigns this year have attracted attention for their individual and simplistic, yet clever concepts- Billboards made of cake, live TV advertisements, and surprisingly good taste in soundtrack, e.g. M&S advert)

Get in touch with The Media Angel to see how we can help you wrap up marketing campaign with a perfect mix for 2015 (without the stress).

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