How cinema advertising can work for you

Cinema is the second fastest growing advertising platform behind the internet, a report by WARC shows.

How is UK cinema performing?

2019 has been predicted to be a “landmark year” for cinema admissions, with the platform remaining popular particularly with a younger audience. Blockbuster releases like ‘Avengers: Endgame’ took £88.6m at the UK box office, with nearly half of tickets being bought by 16-34 year olds.

How does cinema size up against subscription-video-on-demand (SVoD) services like Netflix?

James McDonald (Managing Editor at WARC), assured that the “experiential nature of cinema places it in a different bracket to SVoD services” and that when paired with “the exclusivity of box office hits” should ensure that pressure from SVoD services is minimal.

What audiences does cinema advertising reach?

Cinema advertising is a great platform for reaching a young audience.

In a study by Differentology, cinema advertising is the format that 16-34 year olds feel the most positive towards. These consumers feel that cinema offers them “premium, trusted, quality content in a high-attention environment.”

Of the ten audience groups identified by DCM Media, 16-34 year old adults are the most prolific cinema audience, with an average of eight visits a year. 64% of them also agree that the cinema experience is not something which can be replicated via TV, laptop or mobile.

Research from Kantar Millward Brown has found that among 16-19 year olds, cinema is the most popular traditional advertising medium, with 59% feeling ‘positive about it’ compared to 34% for print, 38% for TV and 50% for outdoor.

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