ITV build on 2019 growth with rival to Sky Adsmart

ITV’s answer to Sky Adsmart will launch in February 2020, allowing brands to combine ITV’s first-party data with their own, and monitor and optimise campaigns in real-time.

Planet V, announced in November 2019, will allow advertisers more control of their video on demand services.

Kelly Williams, managing director of commercial at ITV, said: “Planet V is a significant step forward for us, meeting the widening demands of advertisers and bringing ITV’s unparalleled combination of mass simultaneous reach and targeted advertising. It will be a continually evolving platform, providing the very best frictionless, data-driven buy, in a premium, brand-safe environment, for our clients.”

This latest development adds to ITV’s growth in 2019, with viewing hours increasing by 13%.

ITV also reached 500m hours of viewer consumption, after meeting its 30m users target two years early. 

ITV’s top shows of 2019 included:

  • Love Island
  • Coronation Street
  • Emmerdale
  • I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!
  • The Only Way is Essex
  • and the Rugby World Cup

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Will Disney+ be able to disrupt Netflix?

Disney+ is set to launch in the UK on 31st March 2020, does this spell the end for Netflix domination of the streaming market?

According to a survey by Audience Project, 26% of Brits plan to subscribe to Disney+ when it launches.

Of those, 37% plan to cancel other subscriptions to balance the cost.

Over three in 10 claimed Netflix will be the service they drop. Almost a quarter will ditch Amazon Prime, while 17% said Sky’s Now TV.

Disney+ logos

“The entrance of Disney+ into the battleground of UK streaming services is set to radically change the state of play,” said Rune Werliin, chief product officer at AudienceProject.

“Netflix’s reign could be in question, as thousands of UK consumers consider switching from its service to Disney+. By this time next year, we could be looking at a very different picture when it comes to digital TV subscriptions and usage.”

Netflix is currently the most popular streaming service in the UK, used by 75% of the country. BBC iPlayer follows at 60%, and Amazon Prime is used by 50%.

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Love Island audience grows 10% year on year

After another record breaking year, Love Island continues to be at heart of the nation’s conversation.

This year saw the biggest series yet of Love Island with a total average audience of 5.6million viewers.

Quick Stats


Love Island’s TV audience has grown +546% since Series 1, and +10% year on year.

8 million

Love Island was the most talked about TV series of the year, generating 8 million tweets.

The most watched programme of the year for 16-34 adults.

The biggest show on ITV2 ever.

3 million

Love Island’s Instagram hit 3m followers, becoming the biggest reality TV account, beating Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

What does it mean for brands?

Love Island 2019 brand partners saw an increase of 15% in brand awareness.

Love Island 2019 brand partners experienced a 19% increase in brand consideration.

Love Island online brand partners experienced a 20% uplift in unique search visits in 2019.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Video-on Demand

Find out more about advertising on video on demand (VOD).

1. Watching TV is no longer limited to the living room

Gone are the days when you needed to be in your living room to watch TV. Now, people can watch TV via their tablets, smartphones and laptops. With the expansion of data networks like 4G and 5G, TV viewing has gone mobile.

video on demand vod advertising wales uk

2. You can target your advertising

Advertisers are able to select and target audiences based on region, demographic profiling, audience interests (foodies, deal seekers, eco-conscious) and genre of content (entertainment, lifestyle, comedy and factual) for example. These choices allow your advert to be shown to exactly the right people.

video on demand vod advertising wales uk

3. Video-on-Demand (VOD) is great for reaching a younger audience

VOD is extremely popular with the younger audience. 75% of the UK’s 16-24 year olds are registered on ITV Hub and 35% of the UK’s 16-24 year olds are registered on All 4. This makes this platform great for reaching the younger audience. Read our blog on how Love Island reaches younger viewers.

4. VOD viewing is growing

VOD viewing on devices has grown by 14% year on year (Thinkbox). In recent news, the UK’s two biggest broadcasters, ITV and the BBC, are in the final stages of discussions to launch a new subscription video-on-demand streaming service, BritBox, in the second half of 2019.

Sky Go Extra

5. The ability to reach an affluent and engaged

61% of viewers are ABC1 (IPA Touchpoints 2016) and the view-through rate (the proportion of ads viewed from start to finish) is 92%. VOD has highly engaged viewers catching up on their favourite shows and watching premium box-sets and movies. They are happy to watch ads, as they are getting free, quality content in return.

70% will use TV catch-up services over Christmas

UK viewers won’t be tied to the TV schedule this Christmas holiday, according to Ofcom research, which shows we’re now using our TV devices more than any other major country, via devices such as smart TVs, mobile, tablets, games consoles, etc.

Ofcom research suggests that 70% (31m) of UK adults will watch TV using free-to-air catch-up services such as ITV Hub, All4 and 5 On Demand this December. This is great news for advertisers using VOD in their marketing mix.

Online adults in the UK are the most likely to watch catch-up TV on a tablet (16%) and use an online service to watch TV or films (81%).

Despite these trends, traditional live TV remains the most popular way of tuning in, particularly on New Year’s Eve when more than nine in 10 viewers (11.4 million) watched live at midnight last year.

Overall on average, people in the UK are watching 3 hours 40 minutes of TV per day, and seen steady figures over the last few years, which keep TV one of the most powerful mediums of all time.

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