2022 Trends – Video / Video on Demand

As the lockdown drove up consumption of videos with multi screen usage in most households, advertisers need to keep up with users love of video content. As such 86% of businesses use videos as part of their strategy. (Wyzowl 2021)

YouTube is the biggest platform and as advertisers are finding out, these adverts are consumed on all devices including TV and conversely TV is being consumed more frequently on smartphones. In 2022 TV will account for 12.4% of total media ad spend down from 13.3% in 2021. Broadcaster Video On demand ad spend will grow by 26% (£583.9 million) with marketeers likely to pull budget from linear TV.

Advertisers  are taking advantage of the large user-base of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for their video marketing campaign. 7 out of 10 companies say that their advertising budgets will increase.

2022 is predicted to see:

Shorter ads – people only like videos that quickly grab their attention

Shoppable video’s– allowing purchases straight from the video

1 to 1 video – personalised message videos for customers mainly through smartphones

Live Video – live streaming used for product demos and interviews.

Transcribed Text –  Publishing the transcription of a video on a site with the actual video embedded to increase ranking.

if you want to find out more about using Video as part of your media campaign, contact one of our team at The Media Angel

2018 Marketing Trends

As businesses prepare to enter their biggest quarter of the year, we look at how the big trends are faring so far. Where are brands putting their money? And more importantly, where should they be putting it?

Organic Social Media

The general view on organic social media is that it is on its’ way out. However, research by OneChocolate showed that 59% of marketers have increased their investment in this area over the past 12 months. Notably, a big area for investment is hiring talent in the form of skilled strategists and content creators. 

Social vs. traditional media

While social media platforms race to prove to users they can protect their data, there has been a resurgence of trust in newspapers and magazines (MediaCom, 2017). Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter all reported declining user numbers in their half-year results.

Brits’ concern over what’s fact and fiction is heightened. Only 4% of Brits can identify fake news stories correctly.

Podcasts: niche to mainstream

While podcasts have been around for over a decade, 2018 has seen the medium switch from niche to mainstream. 61% of UK adults now regularly listen to at least one podcast, with 21% listening once a week. 68% say that they were more likely to listen to a podcast today than three years ago (Spotify, 2017). 

This increased interest in podcasts is potentially lucrative for brands. 70% of listeners have heard podcast advertising, and a huge 76% of those took action afterwards, such as looking for more brand info online, visiting a brandʼs website or sharing brand information online (Acast, 2018).

Brands and broadcast

UK streaming subscriptions recently overtook pay-TV broadcasters for the first time. Ofcom’s latest report shows Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV reached 15.4m subscriptions, whereas pay-TV suppliers such as Sky, BT and Virgin Media logged 15.1m. People are watching less TV – down an average of nine minutes over the past year.

Influencers: is the market saturated?

Influencer marketing has been the hot trend for what feels like forever, but marketers have had to fight to stay ahead of rapidly increasing influencer costs and stricter advertising guidelines.

25% of consumers would consider buying a product endorsed by someone with over 1m followers. Meanwhile, 50% would be “likely” or “very likely” to purchase if promoted by an influencer with a smaller following but considered to be a specialist in that area (Zine, 2018).


Video continues to go from strength to strength as a key marketing tool for brands across all sectors and audiences. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they view a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text format (insivia, 2017). The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video than one without.

Voice search

Voice technologies are making their way from early adopter territory into the mainstream. 58% of consumers have used voice search to find local business information in the last 12 months (BrightLocal, 2018), while one in five EU consumers have shopped using voice or text agents (Mastercard, 2018). 

Google data shows mobile searches for “should I” and “do I need” have each grown more than 65%, while those starting with “can I” have grown by more than 85%.

Download the full report here.

The Best Adverts Of Super Bowl 2017

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world with over 160,000,000 people tuning in to watch the final. With such a strong audience, it is no wonder that it’s one of the advertising’s biggest day of the year.

Below we have selected our top 5 adverts that aired last night during the Super Bowl.


Honda, Yearbooks



Mr. Clean, Cleaner of Your Dreams






T-Mobile’s #UnlimitedMoves



Lifewtr’s Inspiration Drops



Facebook Revenue Continues to Increase

Facebook’s advertising revenue has increased 63% year-on-year to $6.24 billion in the second quarter of this year.

Video is the main driver behind this surge in revenue according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg who says that video is at the heart of Facebook services.

For the three months ending in June, Facebook posted $6.44 billion in revenue, a 59% increase on Q2 2015, while profit rocketed by 189% to $2.06 billion year on year.

84% of revenue stream is attributed to mobile up 76% from last year, enhancing the impact that mobile has on the user.

The number of daily active users continues to increase, 17%  up in June to 1.13 billion users on average a day.

The platforms in which we use to deliver our campaigns are continuously evolving, The Media Angel team keep updated with all current developments to get the best outcomes for our clients. Get in touch  today to discuss the best channels for your marketing campaign.

National Botanic Garden of Wales Have Launched Their Summer Campaign

Their objective was to ensure they attract more families with children over the summer period.

With the opening of their Butterfly House (Plas Pilipala) on 1st July they were keen to promote themselves as more than just The National Botanic Garden of Wales, showcasing all they have to offer for the entire family including adventures such as zip wiring, zorbing  and a straw bale maze.

We began with their new promotional video created for use online, which does just this with fabulous images of all of their activities including their beautiful gardens and plants….It certainly entices us to go back time and again.  This is all backed up with an impactful mixed media campaign put together including interactive articles, takeovers and inventory online, outdoor advertising.

This is all backed up with an impactful mixed media campaign put together including interactive articles, takeovers and inventory online, outdoor advertising with bus, 6 sheets, and a radio sponsorship. With beautifully eye-catching visuals and repeating the key messages promoting all that they have to offer we are sure this will be a successful summer for the National Botanic Gardens Of Wales.

Outdoor 6 Sheets:

Wales Botanic Pic

Take a look at the promotional video below in English and Welsh –  

Butterfly House – English Version



Plas Pilipala – Welsh Version

We love making our clients marketing objectives and goals a successful reality, so make sure you get in touch with us. We’ll help you over deliver on your objectives and together achieve fantastic results.

Go Air Trampoline Park has landed in Manchester!

We’ve been extremely busy over the last couple of months, helping Go Air launch Manchester’s biggest trampoline super park.

We started working with Go Air early in 2015 with the launch of the first site in Cardiff in October 2016. Manchester is Cardiff’s black-and-yellow sister venue, and we’ve been working hard to implement a high impact launch campaign to a wide audience in this location. With 200 wall to wall trampolines, battle beams, giant air bag and bounce basketball Go Air in Manchester has something for everyone. The park even hosts fitness classes and is available for public birthday parties.

Go Air were keen to target all adults including families with children and teenage groups to raise awareness of the park’s opening over the Easter break. The team required our expertise on effectively reaching their audience in the right places at exactly the right time, through the most cost effective means.

We put together a targeted campaign that included airtime on popular Manchester radio stations Capital North West and Key 103, along with a Drive Time promotion on Capital to build anticipation and excitement around Manchester’s largest trampoline park. Click here to see Capital North West hosts Rob and Wingman at Go Air Manchester.

In order to be precise in reaching families with children we included adverts and a competition in the Manchester edition of the Primary Times which is distributed to Primary schools and families specifically. To ensure we were remaining targeted and producing minimal wastage we took advantage of the precise geo-targeting technologies provided by ITV Player. We ran a campaign delivering impressions to all adults with children in Manchester, seeing fantastic engagement within the first week. TV and video are without doubt the most effective ways to build brand fame and brand awareness, so to make sure the launch campaign was particularly high impact yet still targeted and cost effective, we complemented the ITV Player campaign with Sky Adsmart. The advert was to be delivered to parents with children between the ages of 5 and 17 across a month on Sky channels.

Building campaign frequency and reach across the city was also important for achieving maximum impact. We took advantage of cost-effective tram interiors as part of this integrated campaign. The high dwell time on tram journeys means interiors are perfect for engaging multiple audiences when they’re on the move. Audiences ‘on the move’ are said to be more receptive to advertising messages with 43% being more alert when out of home. Tram routes travel around Manchester, spreading awareness of Go Air’s trampoline super park further for higher frequency and reach.

If you think your campaign could benefit from our team’s award winning media planning and buying expertise, please get in touch with us. We’d love to offer our advice and assistance for getting the best returns on your investment, and we can tackle a variety of different briefs. Drop us an email at [email protected] or call 02921 320 200.


Despite a digital shift, TV ad revenue sees little, if any decline

Industry researchers have predicted that more than half of the nation’s advertising budget is likely to be spent on digital media this year. Perhaps surprisingly, certain traditional media platforms continue to thrive, despite a digital shift.

Even with this rise in digital media, TV is expected to see its advertising revenue rise by 3% to £3.bn seeing little, if any decline. A spokesperson from the Strategy Analytic’s Report describes the future of television advertising as “simply experiencing a shift in the source of revenue from linear TV ads to online video”.

The UK’s weekly population reach for TV remains stable at 94.2% and the traditional TV set remains the screen of choice for 98.4% of the population. Viewing on other devices such as tablets, laptops and smart phones has grown year on year by 17% but has yet to overtake the traditional television set as the preferred way to watch content.

For advertisers, the steadily growing popularity of on-demand services and online platforms is great news particularly for small businesses. These services provide opportunities for reaching audiences on a far more manageable budget. Where national TV advertising is renowned for being massively expensive, the rates for ITV Player and 4oD for example are significantly less and will still reach a majority audience.

Do you want to reach up to 94.2% of the population in your area with your advertising? Contact The Media Angel on 02921 320 200 or drop us an email for impartial advice on the most suitable media mix to suit your objectives.

Cinemagraphs could become Facebook’s new trend

Today’s social newsfeed of posts are far from the static state they once were. Have you noticed more videos than ever on Facebook? They could soon allow moveable images as eye-catching as these in social posts and ads…

Cinemagraphs are a type of GIF, a photo in which only a piece of the image subtly moves. Some social-networking sites and apps, such as Instagram currently support auto-play videos on loop, with the potential for moveable images to be able to do exactly the same.

Balenciaga Perfume:

Many popular cinemagraphs are borne out of the extraordinary design work of Ann Street Studio. This frosted perfume bottle reminded the designer of a block of ice, a place where creative ideas are frozen and then emerge into fruition; beginning to melt away, slowly, as ice turns into liquid.

Christian Louboutin:
Although Christian Louboutin’s cinemagraph ad is a few years old, it is one of our ultimate favourites at The Media Angel. Seductive, subtle, sparkley.
A simple, yet eye-catching concept for Kleenex tissues.
Ecco Domani:

This cinemagraph for Italian Pinot Grigio Ecco Domani, anchors the allure of modern Italy and the perfect summer evening, dining al fresco. The image perfectly captures the sleek, crisp and fresh taste of a glass of Ecco Domani. It’s truly captivating.

Gilt Taste:

This cinemagraph was featured on Gilt Taste, a former online magazine and market for food and wine lovers. Imagine M&S recreating something similar online…

Tiffany & Co:

This ad as part of a series of cinemagraphs for Tiffany and Co. is made to capture the warm beauty of the Tiffany 1837 Collection in RUBEDO – a jeweler’s metal that radiates with the warm tones of first morning light… The image is so lifelike, we just can’t take our eyes off this one.

Coca Cola Can:

Coca Cola’s cinemagraph was instantly popular on Tumblr, receiving 35,000 “notes,” which is Tumblr’s term for likes and reblogs combined. This rate of engagement speaks for itself.

Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein uses CGI rain to drive users to the Encounter Calvin Klein website, were they could view the full fragrance film, starring Alexander Skarsgård and Lara Stone.


Consumers rate TV advertising most ‘trustworthy’ medium

Research conducted by Future Foundation for FEPE International, has found that consumers rate Television as the most ‘trustworthy’ medium for advertising. Perhaps surprisingly, the research found ‘out of home’ advertising to be the second most trustworthy after television.

This research has shown that 28% of consumers felt television to be the most ‘trustworthy’ as well as the most ‘memorable’ form of advertising; 46% of respondents in the research could easily recall ads they had seen through this traditional medium.

Interestingly, consumers now also find out of home or outdoor advertising one of the most ‘trustworthy’ forms of promoting brands and products. Similarly, when asked which types of advertising were most memorable to them, 34% of consumers rated out of home advertising as the second form of advertising that stood out to them most.

This research proves that despite the recent digital shifts in marketing, more traditional forms of advertising such as television and outdoor are still vital elements of marketing and advertising campaigns. The so-called digital age of today appears to be least trusted by consumers, who felt that online advertising was not only untrustworthy but easily dismissible and forgettable.

The reason for such sentiments have yet to be explored, however the hugely expansive nature of online compared to the more exclusive nature of television and outdoor advertising could explain consumers feelings that these mediums are most reliable and trustworthy. Similarly, the intrusive nature of online advertising could prove to be repelling confidence in brands and products; particularly if the brand is less well known.

This research reveals important trends and feelings among consumers, reinforcing the notion that reassurance, familiarity and trust is still an important part of advertising.

Having television and outdoor advertising as vital elements of your campaign could potentially increase feelings of trust towards your brand, services and products, and promises to remain in the minds of consumers for much longer.

As always, the Media Angel is on hand to offer expert advice on the best and most appropriate television channels to place your campaign in order to reach maximum numbers of your target audience. The Media Angel can also deliver guidance on the best locations and the best formats for capitalising on your outdoor advertising investments; from 48 sheets to 6 sheets to public transport. Get in touch.

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