ITV’s New Platform ITVX

Yesterday saw the launch of ITV’s new and sparkly free streaming platform ITVX replacing ITV Hub as the new home of content for ITV. The new platform provides viewers with a more exciting and improved experience offering more new and exclusive programmes.

From launch, viewers will have access to over 10,000 hours of content in high definition, and ITVX will drop new and exclusive programmes every week of the year.

Viewers can look forward to seeing their favourite past and present programmes, plus documentaries, cult classics and hundreds of blockbuster films which will all now streamed for free.

All ITV’s channels will be available to livestream through ITVX, as well as additional themed channels (known as FAST channels), and a dedicated news section on ITVX.

ITVX will premiere a collection of top quality new dramas from 8th December, which will only be available for free on the streamer including A Spy Among Friends starring Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce. At least one flagship show will then launch on ITVX per week going forward.

Flagship ITV shows will all be available on ITVX on their first day of broadcast, allowing viewers to binge watch new dramas such as Stonehouse starring Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes. 

Over a thousand films will be made available to stream each year and ITVX will launch with an impressive array of documentaries and true crime collections plus factual commissions including The Rise and fall of Boris Becker.

Those viewers who love Science Fiction won’t be disappointed with a robust offering ranging from classics including Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet to the likes of Supernatural and Nikita. 

ITVX will represent a new and exciting way for news to be consumed by audiences. Viewers can expect to see a dedicated rail featuring the most significant and interesting stories, updated throughout the day.

ITVX’s Launch Campaign

ITVX, upon launching yesterday initiated a nationwide advertising campaign across TV, cinema, digital video, and outdoor.

The campaign aims to drive awareness, consideration and trial of ITVX and target “mainstreamers” with high impact and frequency during their launch period.

This is an audience segment, identified by research and first-party data, that increasingly watch TV content via streaming services, and are interested in “big, high quality, mainstream content”.


ITV Hits Record Ad Revenue

ITV hits record 24% ad revenue growth!

UK TV giant ITV has reported its full-year advertising revenue which is record for 2021 and painted a very healthy post-pandemic picture across the board.

The company, led by CEO Carolyn McCall, saw total external revenue soar 24 % to £3.4 billion, a sharp rise on the COVID-impacted 2020 figure of £2.7 billion. Total revenue at its production arm ITV Studios grew by 28 % to £1.7 billion, now just 2% below 2019’s pre-pandemic levels. ITV Studios external revenue was up 30% to £1.17 billion.

Also it has been announced that ITV is combining its subscription and ad-funded streaming services in ITVX, a new digital platform that will have 15,000 hours of content at launch and a 160 million-pound dedicated budget for shows.

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Advertising Rebound Evident on Linear TV and VOD

ITV saw a 115% increase in spend in June 2021 from the first 6 months which saw ad sales rise by 29% with positive predictions for the following next 3 months.

Family watch TV or VOD

June delivered the largest revenues for the month of June  for ITV in its history. A large portion of this increase can be attributed to the relaxing of restrictions and the Euros which was ITV’s most successful football tournament to date  Ad revenue grew by 29% in the first half of 2021 compared to a 21% downturn last year in the same month.

VOD advertising increased by 55% with advertisers using Planet V ITV’s sales platform and there was a 250% increase in VOD only campaigns.

Carolyn McCall, the chief executive of ITV explains that “You can get so much emotional messaging across – you can get tone across, joy across, you can uplift people with TV advertising,” McCall added, citing the recent Tyson Fury ad about mental health for the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

“People have realised the emotional stuff that you can communicate, which has become more important to them because of the pandemic, but also we’ve now also got the programmatic – the digital advertising, which is highly targeted.”

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