Why Should you Advertise on Television?

Take a few minutes to think about your favourite advert of all time, ever. What is it?

For me, there isn’t just one. There are about 5 that immediately spring to mind. My absolute favourite adverts each have something in common; they are all commercials I have seen on the television.

TV ads are immensely impactful and memorable; they are visual, bringing ideas, concepts and feelings to life and they have the power to stay in the minds of consumers for years and years to come. There are few advertising mediums that have the same potential to touch the hearts and minds of consumers in such a powerful and often emotional way.

For branding this is extremely important; it is the powerful emotional relationship that consumers have with brands that makes them so successful. It may not matter that Daisy washing up liquid is just as good as Fairy liquid, (not to mention half the price) – people trust the brand Fairy because of its positive ‘familiar’ associations. The product’s performance in the washing up bowl is probably not as important as the brand’s traditional, time-honoured and trusted associations.

My personal favourite adverts are especially memorable to me precisely because they involve these emotions and powerful, positive associations. I just cannot watch the Cesar’s ‘Love them back’ commercial without tearing up (in a good way)! It’s heartbreakingly cute. The minute long advert chimes all the right chords in the typical dog lover and pet owner, who see their pets as trustworthy, loyal and lifelong companions. It grabs attention, proceeds to pull on the heartstrings, and then leaves the consumer with a warm appreciation of their dogs as loving and loyal friends. It’s extremely effective!



Equally, there’s nothing more effective than a bit of humour to grab and hold the consumer’s attention. A good, humorous advert can leave a brand with exceptionally positive associations. Something that has the ability to make someone laugh is truly powerful, especially in advertising. Humour is memorable and uplifting, and can make consumers want to watch the advert over and over again. Many of humorous ads in the Market ‘work’ because they are premised on simple, relatable concepts; much like the simple male/female stereotypes played on in Heineken’s walk in fridge commercial. These ads don’t appear to try too hard to be funny; being funny is hard, and can sometimes end up going horribly wrong.

That said, even the completely un-funny and ridiculous adverts out there can create a considerable impact, mainly because they are so horrendous and almost impossible to forget. I’m talking about the ‘Go Compares’ of the advertising world. Although completely unfunny and borderline annoying, you just can’t help but think about the infamous singing man whenever you see or hear the words ‘Go Compare’.

Television advertising is truly unique and immensely effective. It really is one of very few ways to bring your brand to life and imprint your message onto the minds of millions of consumers in an instant! Television advertising can create a connection with consumers in a special kind of way; in ways that other mediums just can’t compete with.

It is true that television advertising can be hugely expensive, but fear not! There are more affordable ways to get your commercial onto screens and into people’s homes. Regional channels for example, can provide reasonable and affordable packages to advertisers, so there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t consider television advertising as part of your media marketing mix; your brand’s advert could have the potential to become a national favourite!

Contact The Media Angel for more information on television advertising opportunities. There is no time like the present to stand out and get your brand noticed.

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