The Advertising Happiness Formula

There is simply no denying that good adverts do an amazing job at toying with human emotions. Sometimes they make us smile, other times they make us sad.

A number of studies have proven that consuming any medium has a significant effect on people’s mood. Research commissioned by the Radio Advertising Bureau, found radio being the most popular to make people feel happier and energetic.

People who watched TV rated themselves 62% happier on average, people using the internet rated themselves 69% happier, but people listening to the radio were an impressive 100% happier, as compared to those who didn’t consume any media.

Happy Brands make Happy Customers

Have you ever found yourself whistling an ad jingle or singing the soundtrack to that car advert in the shower? Big brands, such as Coca-cola, McDonald’s and Dove are shaping up 2015 as the year of positivity. Their campaigns ooze with happiness…


One of the key ingredients of happiness is humour, something comedians believe is actually in decline of in ads. Channel 4 comedian Jimmy Carr raised the concern at Advertising Week Europe last month, that there isn’t enough British humour ejected in adverts and that we rarely see comedy in adverts anymore – do you agree?

Even charity ads have reinforced positivity, some moving away from the sad soundtracks in their appeal ads. Recent charity campaigns have focused on engagement to fight causes. #ALSIceBucketChallenge will live with us for years.

Much research has gone behind emotional marketing. ROI agency, ZenithOptimedia initiated ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ study, focussed on Millennials, who became adults around or after the millennium. They found that brands that can help 18-34s achieve happiness stand the best chance of securing long-lasting and profitable relationships. The study was all about brands turning that recessionary frown upside down and making them fulfil happiness through a balance between freedom and positive decision-making.

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