The Media Angel’s favourite Christmas adverts

The Christmas advert has evolved from simple beginnings to the million-pound short films released around the festive period. We’ve gone through the archives to find our favourite festive adverts. 

1. John Lewis (2011)

We’re kicking off this list John Lewis’ advert from 2011. It follows a little boy as he waits for Christmas Day to arrive, only for him to rush past his stocking to his present for his parents. It’s heart-warming and sweet, a classic. 

2. Sainbury’s: Christmas is for sharing (2014)

This advert used the famous tale of a Christmas Eve truce on the Western Front to mark the centenary of Word War One. Some said the advert was in poor taste, but we think it showcases the values behind Christmas. 

3. Marks & Spencers: Christmas, with love from Mrs Claus (2016)

This modern twist on Mrs Claus has everything; helicopters, jet-skis, reindeer’s and a lovely storyline featuring a little boy and his tall (and angry) big sister! 

4. Heathrow Airport: Coming Home for Christmas (2016)

Who knew stuffed animals could make you cry? This sweet advert from Heathrow Airport follows two teddy bears as they arrive home. 

5. John Lewis: The Bear and The Hare (2013)

John Lewis must be the true masters of the Christmas advert. With hand-drawn animation and a beautiful soundtrack this is an iconic advert. 

Special Mention (because we can’t get enough of John Lewis)

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