3 Tips for Keeping Your Marketing Reactive

These days, it can feel like the rules change every day, each one bringing the risk of a local lock-down and as a result, changing consumer habits.

As an example scenario, imagine you had a marketing campaign going live next week targeting people living in the South Wales Valleys. From 6pm on Tuesday 22nd September, local lock-down rules were applied in certain counties, and the audience for your campaign could be much lower than anticipated. What should you do?

  1. Have an awesome marketing agency to sort it out for you!

Seriously, who needs the extra stress these days? With The Media Angel by your side, you don’t have to worry about changing audience levels or potential lock-downs because our team have already put in place strategies for your marketing plan, should that happen. We’ve amended many campaigns over the last few months and with this insight, ensure we plan our campaigns to follow your target market.

By working with our media suppliers, we have access to flexible amendment terms, meaning your campaign will still be effective, and reach the largest audience possible.

  1. Proper planning prevents poor performance!

When planning your marketing campaigns, our team consider possible changes in consumer habits and how these would affect your campaign. By including a mix of ‘in home’ and ‘out of home’ media, we ensure your campaign will reach people throughout their days. In the event of a change in rules, we can quickly alter the proportion of these medias to reach your audience more effectively.

  1. Always analysing

Our team have been very busy over the past 6 months learning about consumer habits and how these changed before, during and after the UK lock-down. Did you know that over lock-down, people watched record hours of TV per day? From these learnings we can predict how consumer habits may change in the event of local lock-downs or rule changes, and apply these changes to your marketing campaigns. 

It can be hard to navigate the world of marketing at this time, but our friendly and experienced team are on-hand to help! Get in touch with us on 02921 320 200 or [email protected] and we can help you ensure your market plan is going to reach your potential customers.

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