TikTok new AI rules

Transparency is becoming more and more crucial as digital content creation develops.

AI-generated text, photos, and videos are getting more and more traction as marketers try to find unique ways to differentiate their content from the competition.

The absence of a label identifying the usage of AI-generated content might occasionally mislead viewers.

TikTok is the first social media platform to label all video and image content created by AI, by partnering with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), a project that supplies resources necessary to identify AI-generated content.

The new watermark will be generated using the C2PA “Content Credentials” technology to identify AI images and videos uploaded to the platform.

The watermark will be applied to content generated outside of TikTok and then reposted onto the app, giving consumers the ability to precisely identify the source and reliability of the information they watch.

Source: Memeburn, The Mirror and Hypertext (2024)

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