TV ad spend continues to rise in 2016

TV continues to be brilliant at creating success for brands both overnight and over the long term, receiving increasing amounts of investment year on year.

Traditional advertising mediums are showing an incredible resilience in terms of ad spend this quarter. Despite expectations that digital and mobile will rise to account for most brand ad spend, TV advertising is proving its unique qualities as a platform for advertisers.

According to figures collected by the Advertising Association and WARC total TV ad spend for the UK was up by 10.8% in the last quarter of 2015 and predicted to rise by a further 6.2% in 2016. Sporting events forthcoming in the year ahead are expected to have a positive impact on spot revenues. Video-on-demand saw a fantastic 15.1% increase in spend year-on-year as many advertisers came to realise the considerable advantages this platform provides.

Although TV advertising is showing its resilience, digital is continuing to grow in importance; the role of the internet in the contribution to overall ad spend has been significant as was mobile’s share of this internet expenditure (29%).

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