TV viewing increased by 14% in 2020

2020 saw an average growth in TV viewing of 35 minutes a day.

Unsurprisingly, lockdowns were the driving force across all age groups with average watching time in 2020 being 4 hours 37 minutes. The 16-24 year age group increased by 23 minutes compared to the previous year and the largest growth age group was the 25-29 year olds.

The breakdown of viewing habits highlights the increasing popularity of viewing programmes at your own leisure with On demand viewing up by 48% in total and news and sports sky channel consumption via You Tube considerably up. TV set viewing was up by 14%.  

  • 2020 saw Sky Sports best Christmas performance ever up 362,000 YoY (22%)
  • 1.8 million watched the Boxing Day football fixtures.
  • You Tube encouraged further reach of the Sky Sports channels with 137.5m views.
  • Sky News reach increased to 13.2 million (up 26%) in December.
  • Both week day and weekend stats indicate viewing times are up equally in December YoY by 16%

If you would like to take advantage of increasing viewing time on TV or the growth in audience of Video On demand, please contact our experienced team who will be able to help you target this growing audience.

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