2020 Christmas Adverts

The Christmas adverts are coming thick and fast now, here are some adverts we’ve spotted so far, which is your favourite?  

John Lewis & Waitrose


It’s here! The 2020 offering from Waitrose & Partners centres on the theme of ‘give a little love’, asking us all to think about what the world would look like if we all did a small good deed. By featuring different artwork styles, it allowed John Lewis to employ multiple artists to work on the project. We love the sentiment behind this one, it really focusses on what Christmas should be about.


One we didn’t expect to bring a tear to our eye! This is a moving advert about the changes of growing up, and how we should all embrace our ‘inner child’ at Christmas.


This is perhaps one of our surprise favourites this year! A satirical take on the traditional supermarket advert, and it even features a friendly ‘dig’ at rival Aldi and Kevin the carrot.


Another surprise tear-jerker this year, Coca-Cola’s advert features the epic journey of one Dad to deliver his daughter’s Christmas letter.



It must have been a hard choice this year for brands, whether to feature COVID-19 and the effects it’s had on this year in their adverts. We think some ads, like Amazon’s, got the balance right, the perfect mix of Christmas magic and realism. While most others went for complete escapism. This Tesco ad doesn’t seem to fit in either, and instead reminds us of everything that happened this year like panic buying, DIY haircuts and more – it misses the mark for us.


One of the first to appear on our screens this year, have Amazon taken a risk by releasing an advert that references COVID-19 and lockdown? We think this is quite an uplifting and powerful advert, what do you think?  



We love the ‘home footage’ style of this advert, it really reminds us of all our own family’s weird and wonderful Christmas traditions!


Supermarket Aldi have gone for some escapism and have brought back ‘Kevin the Carrot’ for this years’ advert. Luckily, all ends well for Kevin – and we’re quite glad to have an old favourite back in the mix!  


ASDA’s advert features Dad, Sunny, who has been in some of their recent television spots. With some sweet Christmas moments, the advert also features a cranky neighbour, but she isn’t really featured enough in the advert to become funny – so a bit of a mixed bag! 


Starring two sisters who delight their family with more and more elaborate magic tricks, although this advert is quite cheesy it’s also fun!  

TK Maxx 

A goat in a designer advert? It’s weird, it’s random – and we actually kind of love it?  



This one pokes fun at a few mundane moments which make Christmas special, it’s simple and effective.  


Have Disney made us cry again? Yes, you bet they have. This lovely animated advert shows how the magic of Disney can transcend generations and age.   

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