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Advertise on video on demand (VOD) platforms such as ITV X and ALL 4

Your brand could be seen in the adverts of the biggest television shows, on the biggest streaming channels

Video on demand channels

Why should you use video on demand?

Video-on-demand platforms such as ITV X, All 4, YouTube, Disney Plus, and Netflix have become an increasingly popular way to watch and catch up on television shows as well as checking out the latest released films. VOD reached a revenue of 98 billion at the end of 2022 and is expected to show an annual growth rate of 8.27% by 2026 (Antmedia, 2022). Evidently, these figures demonstrate that consumers’ media habits continue to change as more people move their viewing preferences online and ‘on the go’.

There are 35 million users on ITV X alone!

Consumers can now watch their favourite shows and films on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops wherever they are, for free. 

What is connected TV? 

Connective Television (CTV) has risen sharply in the UK over the past 12 months, CTV is content accessed by apps and streamed over a Smart TV or a connected device such as an Amazon Fire Stick or PlayStation. A study by Unruly (2021) shows that 54% of consumers at the end of 2021 were using CTV. Further findings show that 67% say CTV is more effective than linear TV, which will provide better value for money 68%, and better targeting 68% (Unruly, 2021).

Viewers of video-on-demand content are highly engaged, given that they have made a conscious decision to choose and watch these programs. VOD and CTV are a great way of getting your brand seen alongside high-calibre television content and national brands at a surprisingly affordable cost.

of all households in the UK are subscribed to an average of 5.4 streaming services (Boyle, 2022)
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Video/Connected TV streaming services continues to be on the rise

Reaching exactly the right audience

Advertisers are able to select and target audiences based on region, demographic profiling, audience interests, and genre of content (entertainment, lifestyle, comedy and factual). 

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