Advertising your Virtual Open Day Experiences

Award-winning marketing campaigns to help universities advertise virtual open day experiences.

Even though times are uncertain it’s important to maintain a brand presence as potential students need to know you are there for them and feel reassured about their future.

Do you need help advertising your virtual open days?

Since ‘lockdown’, traditional open days have moved online. Google trends show searches for ‘open day’s have fallen, while searches for ‘virtual open days’ have increased. 

Universities need to create an on line campus experience and show students what they want to see and answer the questions they have

The Media Angel have over seven years’ experience media planning and buying within the higher education sector. 

We understand the importance of adapting advertising to suit changing circumstances.

We can help advertise your virtual open day experiences, as well as help secure brand share of voice for the future. 

Competition for advertising space in Q4 2020 will be intense, so it’s important to begin planning now for later in the year to maintain brand presence. 

The Media Angel are aware of how coronavirus and the subsequent ‘lock-down’ is affecting your target audiences’ media behaviour. 

Consumption of online channels such as video on demand (ITV Hub, Sky, All 4) are increasing, as is music streaming and radio listening. 

Using these insights, The Media Angel are able to choose the best media to reach your audience, even in these trying times. 

  • 51% of ‘Gen Z’ (those aged 8-22) have started consuming more online videos since the outbreak. 
  • 39% of ‘Gen Z’ have streamed more online television and content since the outbreak. 
  • 28% of ‘Gen Z’ have streamed more music since the outbreak.

This data differs when compared to other generations such as ‘Gen X’ (40 years +) or ‘Boomers’ (55 years +) whose media consumption has increased more for platforms such as broadcast television, radio and online news. 

"Nearly 9 out of 10 graduates surveyed by UCAS are still planning to start university in 2020."

The Media Angel have created award-winning solutions for higher education, and know which media will give you a competitive edge over others, securing standout share of voice. 

We understand your target audience, and the best media to reach them in order to advertise your virtual open day experience:

  • Video on demand (ITV Hub, All 4, Sky Go)
  • Television
  • Radio airtime and sponsorship
  • Music streaming (Spotify)
  • Digital radio platforms (DAX (Capital and Heart) and Instream (KISS, KISSTORY)). 
  • Online display advertising

The Media Angel also offer a full media planning and buying service across traditional channels such as outdoor, rail, bus, cinema and press. 

Competition for advertising space in Q4 2020 will be intense, so it’s important to begin planning now for later in the year to ensure you get the key locations you require. 


The Media Angel understand the importance of detailed reporting, analysis, and return on investment insights. 

This current environment is ever-changing, and we understand the need for campaigns to be adaptive. Your account manager will monitor and optimise your campaign to ensure your budget is placed where it works best. 

The Media Angel believe that virtual open day experiences are here to stay, and will become one piece of the bigger recruitment cycle ‘picture’.

We can help incorporate the advertisement of a virtual event into your long-term marketing strategies. 

The Media Angel’s team have been recognised at national and international awards,  including the 2020 Drum Marketing Awards for their work within the higher education sector. 

Their team understand that these times are uncertain, but we can make the best of them by adapting our strategies to match changing behaviours. 

The Media Angel was established in 2008 in the Vale of Glamorgan. When choosing to work with The Media Angel, our team become extended members of yours, available to offer expert, professional guidance on media planning and buying across all marketing platforms. 

We will put our combined experience of over seven decades into ensuring the most appropriate and effective mix of media is used to suit your campaign objectives and deliver award-winning results.

Our campaigns for higher education have been recognised at international and national awards. 

Do you need help attracting students to your virtual open days?

Our friendly team are here to help answer any briefs you have to attract more students to your virtual open days. If you have any questions we’re happy to help.

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