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The Media Angel are an award-winning advertising agency based in Penarth, Wales. 
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Television Advertising

Television advertising is an exciting, engaging and unique opportunity to bring your brand to life and connect with audiences on a highly emotional level. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most effective and powerful mediums available to your business.

Despite rumours that television advertising can be very expensive, the costs of TV campaigns vary depending on a range of factors, including months of the year. Sky AdSmart enables us to access more affordable options available for broadcasting your campaign in Wales and beyond.

  • TV accounts for 95% of all video advertising that is seen (Thinkbox, 2019).
  • Commercial TV makes up two thirds of total TV viewing in the UK with the average person watching 2 hours, 17 minutes a day (Thinkbox, 2019).
  • An average broadcast TV campaign of 400 TVRs in the UK gets 240 million views (Thinkbox, 2019).

The Media Angel can help you advertise on any TV channel you want; whether you want to reach mass audiences on channels such as ITV Wales, or target audiences more specifically using channels such as Sky Sports, Dave, E4 or S4C. 

Using Sky AdSmart, we are also able to target on highly specific levels such as audience demographic profiles (age, gender affluence, regional location including first two letters of a postcode, etc.)

Radio Advertising

Radio promises advertisers significant scale and influence when broadcasting key messages. With one of the lowest levels of advertising avoidance, radio allows marketers to reach out to thousands of new customers as well as existing consumers with essential messages at key activity moments across the day. Radio is seen as a cost effective frequency medium that is great for generating high reach figures and valuable for building brand reputation.

We are able to help you select the most appropriate radio stations to suit your campaign aims within the areas you want to cover, and secure the best opportunities for your budget.

  • 87% of the UK population tune into radio every week (RAJAR, 2019).
  • On average a listener tunes into 20.3 hours of live radio per week (RAJAR, 2019).
  • 94% of smart speaker owners use it to listen to audio content e.g. radio, music, podcasts (RAJAR, 2019).

Radio is no longer just listened to in the car, audiences can now listen via mobile apps, smart speakers and online.


The Media Angel can help you cost-effectively incorporate radio into your marketing plans. Whether you’re looking for airtime, sponsorships, exciting promotions or / engaging competitions, we make sure our clients are presented with a wide range of the most suitable options available.

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Video on Demand Advertising

Video on demand is a hugely popular way of consuming television. Whether on a desktop, smartphone, tablet or console, the UK Adult population are motivated to watch TV online, due to the large collections of content and the ability to watch multiple episodes in one sitting, or even on the move! (GFK, 2014).

VOD ads on ITV Player and All 4 (4oD) are the most cost-effective way to advertise on TV during popular programmes, and can be used to target niche or widely by genre, region and demographic profiling. As ads can’t be fast forwarded, for advertisers there is minimal wastage in ads not being seen in front of a mass audience.

  • Per month in 2019, video on demand platforms like Sky On Demand, Sky Go and My 5 reached 49% of the UK population – that equates to 25.5 million adults (Sky, 2020).
  • 70% of broadcaster video on demand viewing takes place in the living room (Thinkbox, 2019).
  • Video on demand campaigns can be targeting by location, age and interests. 

The Media Angel can help incorporate VOD into your marketing campaign, delivering measurable results across multiple platforms.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is an essential element of marketing campaigns, as businesses are now spending more than double on digital than any other traditional media option. (IABUK 2014)

The flexibility of online advertising, enable us to utilise a mixture of advert formats to suit your brand, product or event, such as homepage takeovers given you 100% share of voice, display ads (MPUs, banners, skyscrapers), rich media formats (video), as well as mobile ads – a marketing growing at phenomenal rate.

  • 85% of households in Wales regularly access the internet (Gov Wales, 2018).
  • Wales Online, the region’s most popular for news, sport, lifestyle and entertainment, generates on average over 203 million page views per month and attracts a massive 10 million unique visitors. (Reach Solutions, 2019).
  • Online campaigns can be targeted by location, age and interests.

The Media Angel can help grow your existing online presence by ensuring your advert appears on the right type of websites.

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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is an impactful way to stand out and get noticed. Outdoor formats are effective and powerful way of delivering advertising messages to engage audiences as they go about their daily lives. 

Billboard 6, 48 and 96 sheets provides continuous advertising presence in selected areas and is exposed 24 hours a day to the public. Whether roadside or city centre billboards or 6 sheets, in airports, bus stops or rail stations (footfalls of up to 53 million a year), on taxis or public transport or on major UK road networks, advertising outdoors has never been a better way to get noticed and amplify your consumer message, targeting multiple audiences.

  • 98% of the UK population see OOH advertising every week (Outsmart, 2018).
  • Passengers spend around 13 minutes in the station and 7 minutes on the platform (Exterion, 2018)
  • 80 minutes dwell time in malls (JCDecaux, 2018).

The Media Angel can help get your message out in the open, displayed in the right places, at the right time to the right people.

Transport Advertising

The transport network provides many valuable prospects for gaining outdoor exposure for your business. 

Bus, rail, taxi, airport and underground advertising are all highly visible formats, reaching large numbers of people in many busy locations.

Using the latest data-tools, we can find the best transport for your demographic, and the locations which will target them best.

Whichever transport advertising platform you choose, we can create a campaign to suit your budget.

  • 94% of all adults in the UK see bus advertising (Global, 2020).