Increase your audience with OOH Technology

As out of home technologies go digital, advertising can now be extremely dynamic, creative interactive and engaging

Increasingly internet users are accessing the web through mobiles. Outdoor digital advertising allows advertisers to integrate mobile with large displays. New technologies are bringing a whole new way to target and engage with your audience. Gaze recognition, gender recognition, and even emotion recognition are enabling advertisers to target messages precisely at their passing audience. As campaigns such as “Look at Me” for Women’s Aid prove. The ad used gaze- tracking technology to monitor how many people were looking at the display at any one time – changing the creative as more people paid attention to it.



There are opportunities to engage with mobile users through the use of apps created especially for a particular campaign; for example NHS Blood and Transplant’s “virtual blood donation” campaign, required passers-by to make a “blood donation” using an augmented reality app, while on a connected out-of-home display, a sick patient is shown gradually returning to health as the virtual donation takes effect.



Advertisers have increasingly been able to break down audiences into precise segments, across all media enabling them to target their messages in ever-more specific ways. Using the latest technology innovations, advertisers can target individuals in real time using digital out-of-home solutions – making media work harder than ever before.

For example, Renault used vehicle recognition to target motorists. With only seconds to catch their attention, they delivered a targeted message based on audience demographics and vehicle spec. Cameras identified the make, model and colour of vehicles from their number plates, and served messages to specific drivers as they waited at traffic lights. This way the message is speaking directly in real time to the audience and highly likely to get more attention.


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