Why you should be using linear TV and video on demand in your advertising.

Find out why a mix of linear TV and video on demand is perfect for reaching a broad audience.

TV advertising today is so much more complex than ten years ago. The choice of where or how to advertise can be confusing, streaming services like 4oD, ITV Hub and Sky Go have become staples of the household. The growing TV landscape offers a huge opportunity for advertisers, with an incredible range of targeting capabilities, but with an audience with diverse viewing habits it can be difficult to navigate.

Video on Demand

Video on demand [platforms like ITV Hub and Sky Go] viewing in the UK accounts for nearly 59% of all TV viewing time. By including a video on demand into your marketing plans you can reach a really targeted audience, not to mention the reporting analysis available.

With video on demand overtaking linear in terms of viewership time, creating the right balance across the two mediums is essential.

An audience split

By using both linear TV and video on demand, you can broaden the reach of your marketing campaigns to people who use both.

Advertising video on demand is a great way for advertisers to reach those viewers and position their brand amongst premium content that viewers can access for free. But, for those harder to reach streamers, there are also advertising formats that can be utilised to ensure that they are not missed such as native, first screen advertising.

Ultimately, the crucial way for advertisers to maximise the capabilities of video on demand and ensure they effectively reach TV audiences where they are spending their time, is by looking at the data and understanding how to leverage media planning against where the target audience spends theirs.

As the opportunities on these platforms continue to grow, having a close grasp on audience trends ensures that planning strategies are impactful and effective. The Media Angel have over 70 years’ combined experience within marketing and can help you select the best platforms for your brand and budget.

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