Why choose radio advertising?

Radio often plays a central role in people’s lives, becoming a conventional part of people’s daily routines and is evidentially considered one of the most frequently used mediums of all time.

Radio reaches nine in ten adults each week, that’s 89.5% of the UK adult population, tuning in for 21.4 hours. These figures come from the findings in Ofcom’s latest Communication Market report 2015.

Regional success stats show that in 2014, radio services reached 94.5% of adults per week across Wales, making radio more popular in Wales than the rest of the UK. Audiences in Wales also listened to radio for the longest amount of time compared to all the other nations, at 22.4 hours per week on average (one hour more than the UK average).

This report also indicated a stark shift in listening patterns, finding that radio services which broadcast on AM (medium wave) now achieve a high proportion of their listening through a digital platform. Digital signals take up less space on the airwaves, meaning more stations are available for listeners and for advertisers. There are currently hundreds of regional and national stations in the UK catering to wide varieties of audience preferences and tastes which in turn delivers advertisers niche markets and special interest groups for more targeted messaging and minimal wastage. Choosing a DAB channel is also extremely easy for listeners who don’t have to remember wavelengths and frequencies but can instead just simply pick a station name.

Radio also remains a trusted medium source; advertisers can benefit from the emotional relationships listeners have with their favourite radio stations and presenters. RAB research has suggested for a long time that the community feel and commonality of content offered by radio means that levels of trust in the medium are high. Radio is often described by listeners as like a friend, or companion to them in many situations; unlike other mediums this unique position within the consumers ‘inner circle’ means radio holds an inherent advantage in terms of trust and brand advocacy.

Ofcom summarises that total radio industry revenue and spending increased by 3.6% to £1.2bn in 2014; suggesting that many businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the potential of radio and the many benefits it has to offer.

Radio is particularly effective for building frequency and repetition of messages for brands at a surprisingly affordable cost.

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