Why Use Video in your marketing?

With the decline in text and increase in sharing through / via pictures and video, could Facebook become all video over the next five years?

• In one year Facebook has gone from a billion video views a day to 8 billion.

• Live video is now attracting 10 times more comments from Facebooks’s 1.65 billion audience over standard video.

We believe that the rise of 360-degree immersive content, which allows us to move around and explore, which people can interact with, will soon become commonplace. We should not overlook the importance of virtual reality video as we are sure this will be a vital platform for brands reaching consumers.

Speaking at the Fortune Most Powerful Women International Summit yesterday (14th June) Facebook’s EMEA vice president Nicola Mendelsohn stated that –
“What this means for advertisers is that if you want to know what’s on people’s minds and you want to the ability to reach out, this / video is an incredible way to do it,”

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