TV campaigns prove to provide the best ROI

A study conducted by the RAB presented the industry with momentous proof that TV and radio are by far the most effective mediums for advertising.

The study, named ‘The ROI Multiplier’ produced findings to show that for every pound spent on television advertising, brands were receiving returns of £8.70 on average. Radio followed closely behind, with reported revenue returns of £7.70. These figures out-performed all other advertising channels in terms of efficiency, and suggested that brands might want to re-allocate more of their ad budgets to TV and radio to capitalise on these considerable returns.

In order to effectively reach audiences on radio, a combination of creative content and optimal frequency are required. Whereas television viewing is sometimes referred to as appointment viewing with audiences intending to sit down and watch shows their entire way through; radio is not often the primary focus of attention. A creative message broadcast regularly and often over several bursts is more effective at feeding into audience listening patterns and influencing their decision making processes.

In contrast, outdoor and online advertising was presented as less likely to cut through the large volumes of advertising messages that audiences face every day. Press advertising performed better than expected, with an average of £5.80 being received in returns. This could be explained by the continuing loyal readership base of most press publications.

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